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CBSE 2020, Sample Papers Released for Class 10 and Class 12

Published On : 24 September 2019

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has released the sample papers and marking scheme as per the changed pattern for the 2020 board examinations of Class 10 and Class12. The CBSE has revised Class 10th and Class 12th board exam pattern for all subjects.  These sample papers provide a preview of the question paper pattern, arrangement of questions and distribution of marks in final question papers.

Candidates appearing in the examination can download the sample papers by visiting the CBSE official website, cbseacademic[dot]nic[dot]in. By visiting the portal, you can download CBSE Class 10th sample question papers 2020, and CBSE Class 12th sample question papers 2020 for all the subjects. The CBSE sample papers are prepared by the panel of teachers possessing several years of experience. By practising the CBSE sample papers, you can understand what to expect in the upcoming board examination.

The CBSE sample paper comes with the latest CBSE examination pattern, syllabus and guidelines. Here we have provided the detailed steps to download the CBSE 2020 sample papers and marking scheme.

How to Download the CBSE Sample Question Papers?

  1. Visit the official website cbseacademic[dot]nic[dot]in.
  2. Click on the link  “Notification: SQP for Class X and XII (2019-20).”
  3. The PDF links will appear on the screen.
  4. Click on the sample question paper link for class X and XII.
  5. Download the CBSE sample question paper for the subject you wish to practice and take a print out for future use.

Reason for Change in the CBSE Exam Pattern

We know that competitive exams have different valuation process to that of CBSE curriculum. Due to CBSE’s subjective type question paper students find objective type question paper in IIT-JEE and NEET more challenging. As a result, coaching institutes fulfill this gap by providing students with coaching to tackle the objective question paper. At last, the new exam pattern introduced by CBSE will help the students to prepare for both the subjective and objective question papers.

 As per the official CBSE circular, the Board has always focused that its students must acquire the skills of innovative thinking, understanding the concept, problem-solving, analysing information, effective communication, developing curiosity, imagination as part of the learning process instead of mug it up the concepts and scoring good marks.

 Additionally, there is also need to introduce the different format of questions in the exam, so that ratio of student’s innovation can increase. CBSE is likewise giving particular focus on making the students ready for participation in the PISA - Programme for International Student Assessment.

CBSE New Exam Pattern for Session 2020

Listed below are the newly introduced changes in the CBSE board exam pattern:

  1. More weight to school-based assessment and objective type questions.
  2. 20% weightage for the internal evaluation in all subjects.
  3. 33% weightage to internal choice in the question paper.
  4. 25% objective choice questions in the board examination.

Why Solve CBSE Sample Papers?

The apex board exam conducting body has recently revised the exam pattern for class 10th and class 12th students. The sample question papers are published by the board, every year, before the commencement of CBSE Board Exams.  Students who are going to attend the examinations in March-April 2020 can utilise the sample papers to understand the changes in the examination pattern.

The sample papers showcase the type of questions asked in the examination and specify the marking scheme for each subject. It is a great way to practice for final exams, no matter you are preparing for your school-based pre-boards or final board examination. It is a must-to-do item before the examination. Students must do the sample papers once their revision is completed and they think they are prepared to give the final exams.

You Can Better Understand the Marking Scheme

While going through CBSE Sample Papers 2020, Doubtnut’s subject matter experts have observed that solutions of every sample paper are presented in such a manner that students can easily understand the steps of marking followed by the board. Also this year, CBSE sample papers will have more number of multiple-choice questions.

It will help to reduce pressure of answering the lengthy subjective questions which consume more time. These one mark questions will include match the columns, objective type, one-word answer type, fill in the blanks, assertion-reason pattern based questions and picture-based problems. It will give you a complete idea of the marking scheme and have all the critical details that a student requires in the final stage of exam preparation.

It is the Best Way to Test Knowledge

Since the CBSE 2020 sample papers are prepared by the CBSE’s best faculty members; therefore, it serves as a great resource to test your knowledge before the final examination. By solving the questions in the sample papers you can judge the level of your exam preparation, whether you are confident to face an external question paper. It can be utilised to self-introspect, whether your understanding of the subject is clear. Sample papers will help cast a light on the weak sections of the course, which you can hone later.

Use Sample Papers to End the Board Examination Fear

Fear of board examination is real, especially the hassle to complete a lengthy question paper in the given time slot. Most students are even afraid of visiting a different school to attend the exam. They are scared of facing an all-new setting outside there schools. Sometimes the question paper pattern or the language becomes another barrier.

The most effective way to end the examination fear is by practising the CBSE sample papers. Once you have solved 8-10 sample question papers and have gone through enough mock tests, you will feel more confident in the final examination.

No More Silly Mistakes

Initially while taking the mock test you’ll notice a lot of mistakes in your answer sheet. At times we think that we understand a topic and we can solve the question related to that topic. However, in reality when we sit down in the exams, we do some really silly mistakes. But, don’t worry, mistakes are bound to happen. It is a good idea to know what mistakes you are likely making in the examination hall while solving the sample papers at home. The good thing is you can get them corrected, while you still have time. Take help of your teacher in resolving the silly mistakes and keep on practising the sample papers every day.

How to Solve the CBSE Sample Papers?

The best way to utilise the sample papers is by creating the examination conditions at home. All you need to do is, find a distraction-free room, and sit down there with a few sheets of paper (6-8) and other stationery you need to solve the sample papers.

 Find a comfortable table and chair just like school. Try not to take water or washroom breaks or moving here and there while solving it. Make sure you have had your meal before the examination. You must think in a manner that it is the final examination going on and you must finish the paper within the given timeslot.

You can also take help of your elders to keep track of time. All the CBSE sample papers are of 3-hour duration. In case you have taken longer than 3 hours to finish the question paper, it indicates that you need more practice to solve the sample paper swiftly.

You also need to work upon increasing your speed and efficiency to write the final paper. Make sure you do a critical evaluation of the answer sheet. It will make sure you are prepared for the board examination.

CBSE Board Examination 2020: Important Dates for Practical and Mains

The CBSE board has already formulated a basic examination date sheet for the CBSE class 10 and class 12 board examinations. The practical examinations for Class 10 and 12 are likely to get conducted in December and the CBSE final board exam from February 15, 2020. The board will release the official date sheet in November. Candidates are advised to visit the official website to know the official schedule.

Stay tuned with Doubtnut for the latest updates on CBSE board exam date sheet, examination, result and more!

By Arti Chauhan

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