CBSE 2020: Top Habits to Follow in CBSE 2020 Exam

Published On : 13 January 2020

In today’s world, everybody is running after big goals. Everyone is aiming for the “first spot.” Isn’t the one reading right now also aspiring to be the CBSE topper?

To become a CBSE topper isn’t easy. It requires determination and consistent hard work towards your goal. How much time and hard work one can invest! Not only this, it requires a smart strategy that has to be followed daily to achieve your goal.

When we have asked CBSE toppers about the secret behind their 100 percent mark all of them shared the strategies discussed below.

Top Habits that one Must Follow to Be A CBSE Topper

Create a Practical Study Plan

One of the most essential habits of CBSE toppers every student must develop is making a study plan. Your study plan must cover the entire syllabus.

You should also know how to utilize and manage time while preparing for exams. You must set everyday study targets.

Also, your plan must synchronize with your short-term and long-term preparation goals. Your short-term goals can be a revision of the entire syllabus for board exams. While long term goals could be preparation for competitive exams like JEE mains or NEET.

Stick to a daily schedule and adhere to it.

Prepare Proper Notes / Formula sheets

Most CBSE toppers claim that preparing notes not only helps them understand a concept better but also helps in quick revision.

Try to prepare notes in your own language. It will help you memorize topics easily and get a solid grasp of the subject you are learning.

Therefore, you must develop a habit of making notes on important topics and formulae to learn better.

Never Postpone your Revision

 One more secret to success in board exam preparation followed by all CBSE toppers is that one must never postpone their revision sessions.

Procrastination only increases the burden. Your revision process also gets stalled as you will have to cove more topics in less time.

Learn from Your Mistakes

Another essential habit of learning from the toppers is that one must learn from his / her past mistakes.

Keep all your class tests, mid-term, and pre-board answer sheets safe. It will help you understand where you erred. You must find out the right solution and take care not to repeat similar mistakes in the final exams.

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Solve Sample Papers and Previous Year Question Papers

Sample Paper is another most important thing. CBSE body has recently revised the exam pattern for class 10th and class 12th board exams. The sample question papers will help you understand the board exam pattern and marking scheme.

CBSE has already released the class 10 and class 12 sample papers for all subjects.

Students who are going to appear in the exams in Feb-March 2020 the session can utilize the sample papers to practice for the exam. The sample papers are a must-to-do item prior to the examination.

Once your board exam revision is complete, then do solve CBSE Sample Papers.

Previous Year Question Papers:

The previous year question papers contain most-important questions that have the highest weight in your examination. They will help you in the revision of all the important topics of the examination.

It is simply another must-to-do item if you wish to give yourself a competitive edge before the board exams.

Therefore, students must solve previous years question papers before the board exams. 

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Stay Stress-free during your Preparation

Success stories of CBSE toppers reveal that students must cultivate the ability to overcome stress. Preparing for CBSE board exams does not mean giving up on one's hobbies, which essentially act as stress busters.

Students shouldn't study continuously for long hours. Taking a break and proper rest is also important. You must also eat healthily, relax, and get enough sleep.

Giving up on your sleep and hobbies would affect your mental and physical health; therefore, it must be avoided.

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By Arti Chauhan

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