CBSE Board 2020 Practical Exams, Internal Assessment For Select Schools to Begin From Nov 15

Published On : 12 November 2019

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) with the latest circular has informed select CBSE schools regarding preponement of the CBSE Board 2020 practical exams and internal assessment for class 10 and class 12.

As per the resources, the decision has been taken in view that the previous practical exam date sheet finalised by the board that was from January 1, 2020 to February 7, 2020, may not be favourable for winter schools.

New CBSE Board 2020 Practical Exams, Internal Assessment Date Sheet for Schools in Winter bound states

CBSE has taken this decision because most CBSE affiliated schools that are located in the hilly states are closed in the month of January. The schools that are situated in hilly states would conduct the CBSE board 2020 practical exams/project assessment and internal assessment for classes 10 and 12 from November 15, 2019, to December 14, 2019.

All CBSE affiliated schools running in hilly states (with longer winter) can conveniently plan the Practical Examination within the prescribed dates and based on the availability of the external examiner.

New Guidelines for Practical Examination 2020 and Internal Assessment by CBSE

In the previous circular, CBSE has also introduced the New Method and Changes in the Practical Examination.  

Board will be appointing an external examiner and an observer to conduct the practical examination. It is mandatory for schools to conduct the practical examination under the supervision of external examiner and observer. The observer has to supervise and perform the practical and project assessment procedure.

The internal examiner, the external examiner and the observer should be present while conducting the practical examination.

CBSE has asked schools to click the picture during the practical session as proof of conducting the examination and has given special instructions regarding snapping the group photograph during practical examination including:

  • The group photo must include the entire batch of candidates present during the practical session.
  • The external examiner, an internal examiner and the observer must be clearly visible in the picture.
  • The Practical lab must be clearly seen in the picture.
  • The board will also facilitate a unique App link to upload group photographs of every batch undertaking the practical examination.
  • The photograph has to be time-tagged and geo-tagged to ensure its legitimacy and the uploaded link must include the batch number, total batch, date and time of the examination, etc.

CBSE board has instructed all the schools to upload the practical and project report marks on the same date of conduction of the practical exam and viva session. CBSE will be making the link live on its official website.

CBSE affiliated schools are also instructed to upload the internal assessment marks simultaneously. The last date to upload marks for winter schools is December 14, 2019. All other CBSE schools can upload the marks from 1st January to 7th February.

Tips to Perform Your Best in CBSE Practical Examination 2020

As the CBSE 10th 12th board exam 2020 is approaching fast students are most likely to get busy with the preparations, but have you studied for practical examinations as well? Even though practical exams are an important part of CBSE’s curricular, practical exams are often overlooked by students.

Note that CBSE board’s assessment system for class 10 and class 12 involves both practical exam and theory exam. For the subjects having practical exams and theory exams, students have to acquire 33% marks jointly.

Most of us do not pay attention to the practical procedure when teachers are demonstrating the experiments in school laboratories. But, as much as theoretical knowledge is important, practical examinations are also important to understand the theoretical concepts in a better way.

A practical session helps you test your application skills to determine whether a student is able to apply his theoretical knowledge outside the classroom. Although practical exam pattern varies from subject to subject, still there are some general practices that you can follow to gain an edge and get more marks.

Most Important Tips to Perform well in CBSE Practical Exams.

1) Before going for the practical exam, you must learn each practical performed in the class. It will boost your confidence and will enhance your performance in the practical session.

2) Learn the aim, objective and procedure of each experiment thoroughly.

3)You must have a clear understanding of the principle concept and working action of the experiment.

4) Students should meticulously learn the circuits and diagrams in physics and biology experiments.

5) Diagrams are an essential part of biology; you must practice them.

6) You should be able to implement the step-wise procedure to conduct each experiment accurately.

7) Also, never try to cram the name of the apparatus and organic compounds used in the experiment.

8) You must be able to recognize the color, odor, texture and other distinct features of various important organic compounds used in the chemistry experiments.

9) In the viva voce, the external examiner will definitely ask you the principles and procedures of the experiment you performed. You must learn it carefully.

10) While undergoing viva voce, be confident and stay calm. Never try to fool the examiner and only answer a question when you are sure of the basic concept.

Significance of Practical Examinations

In the Indian education system, it's a normal trend amongst students to focus more on theory paper than the practical. This attitude is the main culprit for students to ultimately lag in the practical sessions and leading to overall poor internal assessment scores.

Students must understand that your school curriculum is designed keeping in mind both theory and practical. The theoretical knowledge is incomplete without an understanding of its thorough practical application.

In fact, in some cases, practical knowledge is essential than theoretical knowledge, as it is the real-world application that matters more in life.

Therefore, students must try giving their best in the CBSE board 2020 practical exams too; mainly as these exams help students build an overall high score in the final report card.

All the Best for CBSE Practical Examinations 2020!

By Arti Chauhan

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