CBSE Board Exam 2020, Over 70 Percent of Class 10 Students Opted for Easier Maths Exam

Published On : 13 December 2019

In a surprising statistics released by the Government of Delhi, it has been revealed that more than 70 percent of students from Delhi government school opted for Maths ‘basic’ examination instead of Maths ‘Standard’.

The two Maths level standard and basic are based on a similar syllabus. However, the difficulty level of Maths ‘basic’ question paper will be less than that of the Maths ‘standard’ paper. The students opting for maths basics exams would not be able to choose Maths as mainstream subjects in class 11 and class 12.

Consequently, in the national capital, there is a higher percentage of students who do not want to study Maths in Class 11 and 12.  It indicates either the Delhi government school students lack interest in Maths. Simply one can say that, when given a choice between easy and difficult question paper, students have shown more inclination towards an easier maths paper.  

Math Standard vs Maths Basic Question Paper

To cater to different kinds of learners, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) had earlier this year announced that it’ll be conducting a two-level maths examination for class 10 students i.e. Maths Standard and Maths Basic.

Given maths exam option allows different levels of testing amongst students. As per the National Curriculum Framework  (NCF), not only would the two levels of maths exams serve to different kinds of learner’s needs, it would also help lessen overall stress levels amongst students.

Major Differences between the Two Types of Maths papers -

1) The question paper of Maths-Basic will be easier in comparison to Mathematics-Standard.

2) The Maths-Standard assesses higher Mathematical abilities compared to the Maths-basic level exam.

3) The Maths-basic is for those students who are not keen to pursue Maths at higher secondary classes.

4) Class 10 students desirous of opting for Maths basic level paper need to provide their choice of examination during board exam registration. It can be selected during the time of filling the LOC (list of candidates).

5) In case any candidate has a change of heart, then he or she will be given the option of writing the standard maths paper during the compartment examination.

6) Even though a student scores good marks in Maths basic and chooses to pursue maths in class 11, then such candidates also need to appear for compartment exam.

7) Both Standard and Basic Question papers will be based on the same syllabus.

8) The classroom teaching and internal assessment [20 marks] for both the levels would also remain the same.

9) If a student fails in maths basic then he or she can only appear for compartment exam of maths basic, not standard.

10) If a student fails in maths standard exam, then he or she can choose between maths standard or basic as a compartment exam options. Here students have a choice to grade down to the basic level or continue with the same level of examination.

Higher Studies Options – Maths Basic & Maths Standard

It is only during the registration of board exams that students can provide their choice on basics and standard question paper. However, throughout the year students can study the whole range of topics and by the year-end can decide upon the level of board examination based on personal aptitude and abilities.

Student Opting for Maths Basic can choose:

1) Arts subjects

2) Commerce without Maths

3) Any non-maths course - like Design, Animation, Humanities

Student Opting for Maths Standard can choose:

1) Commerce with Maths

2) Science in Class 11 and 12

3) Option to give IIT JEE or Medical Exams (NEET)

4) Engineering, CA, CS after Class 12

5) Medical Field after Class 12

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CBSE will soon be releasing the board exam date sheet for class 10 and 12. It is expected to be released in January 2020. Meanwhile, CBSE has already released the practical exam dates.

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By Arti Chauhan

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