CBSE Class 12 Mathematics Exam Pattern 2020

Published On : 20 August 2019

Board exams is a significant and crucial period in a student’s life for which they prepare all round the year and work hard for clearing the exam with good marks. Every student must be aware of the latest exam pattern and important guidelines issued by CBSE before appearing for the exams. For the year 2020, several changes have been made in exam pattern to improve the quality education and reduce exam fear and stress level among the students during board exams.

Time to time CBSE keeps on issuing the notice in which changes made in the current exam pattern are mentioned thoroughly. Every student should go through the circulars and guidelines of the new exam pattern mentioned by CBSE so that they have full knowledge about how the exam will be conducted, on what basis the division of marks is done and which part will get them full scoring marks and what to be attempted and what can be left. These things will clear their vision about how they can make appropriate strategy to get flying colours in important exam of their life.

Important points to be followed for mathematics CBSE board exam 2020 are mentioned as –

  • According to new exam pattern, Maths exam will also have an internal assessment, instead of a single 100-mark paper that was the norm for Class 12 students up until now.
  • The common CBSE written exam will be of 80 marks and internal exam will carry 20 marks, instead of the usual single 100 marks question paper.
  • The students who will pass the internal exams conducted by the school will only be qualified for the final written exam.
  • An internal examination will be held in schools to find the ability of the student whether a student can appear for the written exam.

Major points of CBSE Class 12 Mathematics Exam Pattern 2020

Internal assessment in all subjects

Earlier, the internal assessment was not considered in all the subjects of class 12 like Maths, languages, Political Science. But as per the new assessment scheme, it is decided that about 20% marks of internal assessment held in school will be considered for maths. Thus, form the March 2020 board exam, the CSBE board paper will carry 80% marks.

Proposed format of internal assessment in CBSE Class 12 Maths subject is as follows:

Unit Name


I. Relations and Functions


II. Algebra


III. Calculus


IV. Vectors and Three - Dimensional Geometry


V. Linear Programming


VI. Probability




Internal Assessment



School exams to weigh 10 marks in final results

According to the new CBSE board exam pattern 2020, 10 marks from school examinations will be added towards the total marks in a subject. In class 12 Mathematics and other subjects, board exam will be conducted for 80 marks and remaining 20 marks will be kept for the internal assessment. If we talk exclusively about Mathematics, then 10 marks out of 20 will be taken from the results of the school exams. The remaining 10 marks will be taken from internal evaluation done.

Objective Type questions (multiple choice questions)

These days when there is tremendous competition in all the fields it has become difficult for the children to cope up with the exam situation. Therefore to reduce the stress level of the students CBSE has come up with increasing the number of multiple-choice questions in the exam that has become a significant relief for class 12 students. CBSE will be introducing 25% multiple-choice questions (MCQs) in all the subjects in board exam 2020.

Thus, out of 80, only 60 marks will be given to the subjective type questions in which students will write the detailed answers to the questions. This will help students to improve their scores in exams and lessen the burden of writing a lengthy paper. Moreover, MCQs will inculcate the habit of studying each and every topic of the respective subject with proper understanding.

More number of Internal Choices in Different Questions

From 2019 onwards students are getting benefit with the increased number of internal choices in different question in which they can choose the question which they would like to attempt so that they can answer the question in which they have proper command.

Internal choices in all sections of board exam question paper were increased by 33%. The same practice shall continue forward for maths and all other subjects in the class 12 board examination 2020. The increased number of choices helps students pick a question which they are more confident about. This will definitely be helpful for them in enhancing good marks in their board examinations.

Practical exam may be conducted at external examination centres

Exam centres play a vital role in the commencement of board exams. Therefore CBSE is mulling to conduct practical examinations at external centres same will be followed for the theory exams from the 2020 board exams. A new marking scheme can also be developed for practical exams for CBSE Class 12 according to the reports. If we talk about the date of practical examination for Board Exam 2020, then as per the media reports, practical examinations can be conducted in December, and main examinations may start from February 15, 2020. However, any information confirming about the same has not been issued till now.


From earlier times CBSE has been judging students majorly based on subjective knowledge, but when students face competitive exam they are judged based on objective questions; therefore, they were lacking behind. Hence the change in the assessment process is beneficial for the children and was the need of the hour. It will help fulfill the gap and will make children ready to face competitive and other exams beforehand. Due to the changes made in exam pattern they also come to know about different types and formats of questions paper in the year-end because of which large range of learning outcomes are assessed.

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