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CBSE Sample Paper

Published On : 4 February 2019

For school-bound class 10th and 12th students, the preparation for examination begins much early. With CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) board exams fast approaching, you may be searching for ways to milk your year’s hard work for the highest possible grades. Thus, to boost your last-minute practice every year the CBSE board releases the sample paper at least one month prior to the board examination. These CBSE Sample Questions Paper will cover all important questions with the perspective of examination. Some schools even coordinate the ‘pre-board examination’ with these sample papers to evaluate the performance of their students. Therefore, it is utmost important for students to solve the CBSE sample paper to finish your prep strong and perform at your peak.

Check here the complete list of Classwise CBSE Sample Question Paper:-

CBSE Sample Paper for Class 10 

CBSE Sample Paper for Class 12 

Listed below are some reasons why you MUST-SOLVE CBSE sample question papers:

To Get the Idea of the Exam Pattern:

The CBSE Sample Papers are kind of mock test for the students. Usually, the sample papers are of 100 marks to be solved in the duration of 3 hours. These are prepared by the expert panel that sets your CBSE board examination. With the practice of these CBSE Sample question papers, students can easily understand what to expect in the examination. Therefore, these are highly important for students of class 10th and 12th.

You can Test Yourself:

The CBSE sample papers are a great way to boost your practice. It is must to do the task before going for the final board examination. These sample papers will not just help to test your skills but they will also bring to the surface the subjects on which you need to put extra-hours of practice. They will give you a better understanding of the subject and the examination pattern.

The best way to learn time management:

The total times required to solve a CBSE sample paper is 3 hours i.e. obviously equivalent to time given to write final board exams. Therefore, it provides students with the same examination condition in their schools or homes. Make sure to finish the entire sample paper within the given timeslot. You can also take help of your teachers or elders to help you time track. In case you are taking longer than the expected time then you need to work on your speed to solve the final examination in given time-frame.

Beat the fear of board examination:

Unsurprisingly, almost every student is afraid of the board examination. There is certainly some level of stress since the question papers are set by the examiners from outside their school and comfort zone. There is also fear of not being able to understand the examination style and question paper asked. Thus, the best way to overcome such fears is by practising as much as CBSE sample papers as possible. Make sure you practice at least 10 sample papers within set time frame of 3 hours, prior to your examination. It will definitely give a boost to your confidence.  

You can identify as well as rectify your mistakes:

Initially while practising with the sample papers you will face a lot of hurdles such as an inability to solve the question, time management etc. However, it is best that you are making such mistakes sitting at your home and not in the examination hall. Solving sample questions papers will also uncover various types of doubts that you can later on clear with your subject teachers. With regular practice soon you will notice the reduced mistakes and stronger preparation.

Bottom Line

The CBSE sample papers are the best study material for self-evaluation. These are prepared by the experts in accordance with the guidelines and marking scheme given by CBSE board. Solving CBSE Sample Questions Paper will definitely help students to gain and ultimately prepare them to face the final examinations.

By Arti Chauhan

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