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Doubtnut Launches Crash Couse for JEE Mains Quick Preparation

Published On : 22 October 2019

Not sure how you will cover entire JEE Main Syllabus in next three months? Let us help you with that.

Doubtnut has launched Crash Couse for JEE Main Quick Preparation. Available on Doubtnut website and Doubtnut app, the crash course offers 3 hours of daily video lectures by our experienced subject matter experts for JEE Main exam. There will be dedicated one hour lecture of each subject (physics, chemistry and maths) in the form of recorded tutorials.

Every day three new topics of each subject will be covered and this way we would cover the entire JEE Main syllabus in minimum duration; while making time for other essential aspects like doubt clearance and mock tests.

Our JEE Main crash course programme is beneficial for both class 12th class students as well as dropper candidates. Droppers can get an opportunity of quick revision through this programme while it will put class 12th students ahead in their JEE Mains preparations and will also help with clearing the examinations in very first attempt.

It is a perfect way to revise the entire syllabus in structured manner. Since the lectures are recorded and are available for free on the app, hence you get the convenience of learning anytime, anywhere.

The crash course is available free of cost is available on Doubtnut website and Doubtnut App.

Highlights of JEE Main Crash Course by Doubtnut

1) JEE Main Crash Course 2020  for all subjects – Maths, Physics, and Chemistry

2) Three hours daily session with a dedicated one hour for each subject

3) Every day three new topics will be covered from each subject

4) Interactive power-packed video tutorials on each chapter

5) Course Type: Every day recorded video lectures, study notes, free mock test and practice question bank

6) Prepared by: India’s best JEE Mains Examination Experts and Teachers from reputed IITs

7) Validity: Everyday video lectures till 31st December, starting from 22nd October

8) The video lectures will be uploaded daily at 6 pm, 7 pm, and 8 pm

9) Each one-hour video lecture entails three 20-minute videos on each subject i.e. Maths, Physics and Chemistry

10) Benefit: Swift revision, immersive learning experience and effective preparation

11) Ask unlimited doubts and get them resolved instantly

12) Learn Anytime, Anywhere

13) No Fees or any other platform fees!

14) Login into the doubtnut app to enrol now!

How Our Crash Course Helps You in JEE Main 2020 Preparation

Our free online crash course programme will accelerate your JEE Main preparation by helping you in swift learning, higher retention & better test-taking skills. Here is how!

Save Time

You are short of time since JEE Main 2020 January session is only two months away. Therefore, you have to manage your time judiciously.

  • With Doubtnut, you don’t have to worry for doubt clearance. Get instant step-by-step solutions for every problem on a click and save your precious time.
  • Don’t waste your time looking for good quality questions. Our JEE Main examination experts have carefully selected all the important questions covering entire JEE Main syllabus, thus, saving your valuable time.
  • No need to waste time in learning concepts which you find difficult. With our online JEE Main crash course, quickly learn essential concepts and critical formula & details, saving your time.

Achieve Accuracy

Unless you achieve accuracy, you cannot gain a HIGH RANK. With Doubtnut’s online crash course you can freely practice a whole list of questions which you find difficult.

  • Three hours of dedicated practice will bring perfection in your preparation.
  • Our experts also ensure you revise all important concepts right there and then and help you refresh all difficult concept quickly.

Evaluate and Re-Evaluate

Continuous re-evaluation is necessary for success. Our online crash course is designed to help students assess their existing knowledge and gain expertise in each chapter.

  • For self-evaluation, you’ll get revision lists and daily homework questions to practice on your own.
  • You can take our specially developed mock tests, to assess your level of preparations to write JEE Mains January 2020 examination confidently.

Who Should Join this Crash Course?

1) Students who have not joined any coaching institute.

2) Students who wish to learn by IITians and special JEE Main expert faculties.

3) Students who have doubts in subjects and wish to get it solved instantly.

4) Students who wish to make the most out of their Diwali break and revise properly.

5) Student who wish to increase their chances of cracking JEE Main 2020 Examination to 100%. 

By Arti Chauhan

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