Doubtnut Scholarship Admission Test (DSAT)

Published On : 14 August 2020

Doubtnut Scholarship is awarded to students based on their rank in the Doubtnut Scholarship Admission Test (DSAT). The first DSAT is scheduled to be conducted on 16th Aug 2020 at 2 P.M. The candidate appearing for first DSAT exam should be 10th pass and preparing for JEE 2022 exam. The scholarship exam will have 1-hour duration with 50 Questions on mental ability, logical reasoning and data interpretation. The correct answer will give you 4 marks, and wrong answer will deduct 1 mark.

Registration for DSAT

Students can register for the DSAT exam via registration link -

mission jee 2022 scholarship test

Scholarship Reward Details:

The scholarship awarded to the students will be based on the rank secured in the scholarship test. Students will get fee waiver on Daily Class - Mission JEE 2022 course - Powered by Vidyamandir Classes based on the following criteria:

Rank 1: 100% Fee Waiver

Rank 2-5: 90% Fee Waiver

Rank 6-10: 75% Fee Waiver

Rank 11-20: 50% Fee Waiver

Rank 21-50: 40% Fee Waiver

Rank 51-100: 30% Fee Waiver

Rank 101-500: 20% Fee waiver

Rank 501-1000: 10% Fee Waiver

Mission JEE 2022 Course - Powered by Vidyamandir Classes

In Mission JEE 2022 online course, the students will get an opportunity to learn with India’s top JEE trainers. The JEE 2022 online course will have lecture classes (subject-wise), remedial classes for doubt clearance, a weekly/monthly quiz to check the progress of JEE 2022 preparation, and the precise study material curated by highly experienced JEE academicians.

In the course, there will be 6 lecture classes in a week and each lecture class will be of 2 hours duration. Each lecture class will be devoted one subject. It means there will be 2 lecture classes of 2 hours each per subject, i.e., Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics, in a week.

After the lecture classes, there will be a remedial class, which will be held thrice in a week. In the remedial classes, expert JEE trainers will clear the doubts of the students.

Also, after each lecture class, the students will get lecture notes, chapter modules and workbooks attached to lectures.

If a student dedicates his or her time religiously to the Mission JEE 2022 Course and practice the notes and other study material provided during the course, then the student will be able to solve various conceptual problems that are of critical importance from JEE 2022 perspective.

In order to increase the chance for a student to crack JEE 2022 exam, there will be a special focus on important JEE topics from previous JEE papers.

Frequently Asked Questions on DSAT

Where can I give the Test?

Doubtnut Scholarship Test will be conducted on Doubtnut App on 16th Aug 2020. Test will be available under the Mock Test Section in the library page. Post the test, you will be able to see your total marks. Final rank of the students will be announced later on Doubtnut Platform.

What are the Do’s and Don’ts While attempting DSAT?

  • Don’t exit the test in between
  • Don’t click on any pop up or notification while test is running
  • Ensure you have good internet connection
  • Don’t press back or home button

How can I avail the Scholarship?

Scholarships will be available on full courses. The first DSAT is being conducted for students preparing for JEE 2022. After the results are announced, our team will get in touch with you to help you avail the scholarship being awarded to you.

Can I give DSAT on Desktop?

The first DSAT scheduled on 16th Aug 2020 will only be accessible via Doubtnut APP. Open the application -> Go to Library - > Mock Test - > Doubtnut Scholarship Admission Test (DSAT).

Very soon, we will also bring a desktop version of DSAT.

Mission JEE 2022 scholarship test

Mission JEE-2022 Scholarship Test

By Kishan Mohan

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