Economic Relief Package of Rs 1.7 Lakh Cr for Poor by Govt. of India

Published On : 28 March 2020

The Government of India (GOI) has announced INR 1.7 lakh Crore financial stimulus package, framed as Prime Minister Gareeb Kalyan Yojana, to battle the Covid-19 (novel coronavirus) spreading its horror across the country.

The same will work through ‘cash transfers’ and especially focuses on offering food security to the vulnerable sections of the society.

Prime Minister Gareeb Kalyan Yojana: A Push to Social Security

The Union Finance & Corporate Affairs Minister Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman has recently announced INR 1.7 trillion relief package marking an aggressive attempt to prevent the expected colossal disaster due to disastrous Covid-19 outbreak.

Since India is currently in the stage-II of the outbreak, the relief package which amounts to 1% of India’s GDP (gross domestic product) ensures a silver lining in the times of crisis.

She said “the relief package is aimed at shielding the poor during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.”

However, FM did not reveal whether the package is fresh money being pumped into the market or has been reserved employing recalibration of existing monetary schemes.

Let’s take a look at what it enfolds for the Poor of India:

For those in the front-line

Government has announced a medical insurance cover on INR 50 Lakh per health worker including doctors, Asha-workers, para-medics and other medical staff, for the next 3 months. It will be benefitting close to 20 lakh public-sector health workers.

"Safai karamcharis, ward-boys, nurses, paramedics, technicians, doctors and specialists and other health would be covered by a special insurance scheme. Any health professional who while treating Covid-19 patients meets with some accident, then he/she would be compensated with an amount of Rs 50 lakh under the scheme," stated the government press releases.

For the Cash Needs    

Indian daily wage and migrant workers are worst affected due to lock-down. Currently, the cash-in-hand is the ‘basic’ need as everybody is locked indoors and people are struggling for supplies.

The GOI has introduced INR 1000 ex-gratia payment to nearly 30 million poor senior citizens, widows and disabled under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Act (MGNREGA).

"Wage increase under MNREGA scheme will benefit 5 crore families. The wage increase will result in an additional income of Rs 2,000 per worker," said the minister.

Besides, MGNREGA wages will rise to INR 202 per day from INR 182. Although, the increment is only by twenty rupees yet it aims to help 50 million families.

Under the Pradhan Mantri Kisan Yojana the first instalment of INR 2,000 will be frontloaded to reach 87 million farmers.

“There are 63 lakh self-help groups for women in the country. They get up to Rs 10 lakh collateral-free loans right now. We are doubling that to Rs 20 lakh,” the Finance Minister said.

For Food Security

The government will also provide 5 kg of rice or wheat and 1 kg of pulses free every month for the next 3 months.  

Under the Ujjawala Scheme - the BPL families will also get free cylinders for the next three months.

For Construction Workers

State governments have been asked to utilize the funds from the ‘Building and Construction Workers Welfare Fund’ to provide relief to construction workers.  

To prevent Job Loss

The centre will contribute 24% towards the EPF benefits. The companies in which 90% of the employees earn less than INR 15,000-/ month and has up to 100 workers; such companies’ workers will be paid the EPFO contribution both, of the employer and of the employee for the next three months.

That amounts to 24% of basic pay including 12% from the employer and 12% from the employee, will be paid by the govt.

For Women

The FM also said that 204 million women Jan Dhan account holders will be given INR 500 per month for the next three months and also doubled the collateral-free loan amount up to INR 20 lakhs for Self Help Group women. It will be helping 7 crores, women.

Recalling the govt. other measures – Govt. has given a complete waiver of debit card usage charges at a different bank's ATM. Furthermore, the minimum balance maintenance condition of the bank accounts is also waived off for a period of three months.

Final Word!

With the relief package being introduced swiftly with the intent that nobody goes to bed hungry, centre surely deserves a round of applause.

By Arti Chauhan

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