Happy Republic Day 2020

Published On : 25 January 2020

On 26th January 2020, India celebrates its 71st Republic Day. It was this day when the India’s transformation as an Independent nation began. It is a moment of pride that our country has made a mark globally in almost all streams and especially in education.

The education system in British era had been primarily of a theoretical nature. After attaining freedom from British Domination, Indians got the first opportunity to transform their educational policy.

Then again this opportunity was not free. It came with huge responsibility for reorienting the entire education system as per the needs of the next generation.

India at that time needed a large number of engineers, doctors, scientists and other technicians. Our country at that time needed skilled workers who could impart a new shape to in developing the economy. As India’s economic growth had been deteriorating under colonial exploitation.

To streamline the education system, some of the most initial govt. sanctions include - National Policy on Education introduced in 1968 to combat socio-economic changes, National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) was set up at National level, State Council of Educational Research and Training (SCERT) at State level were established with an aim of universalization of primary education.

Also, University Grants Commission (UGC) was instituted for higher education. Government also developed technical education institutes including Indian Institute of Technology, National Institute of Technology, Indian Institute of Management, Medical colleges, Agricultural universities, vocational training institutes etc.

However, today we have come a long way. We are living in fast changing times. Technology has fully enriched our lives. And the education sector is no exception.

In a developing nation like ours, learning should be fully free of cost. On this, Republic day, Doubtnut aims to transform, reimagine and retool the Indian educational system with more affordable and easily accessible online learning.

On our e-learning platform students can learn anytime and anywhere using internet. Modern students often find themselves exploring and learning something new using their laptops and mobile phones. Videos learning on smart phones have become the most popular mode of learning now.

On Doubtnut website and app, all sort of CBSE board and other state board related study material is available including e-books, complete NCERT video tutorials, reference books with solutions, previous year question papers, sample paper and much more.

Everything is available at one’s fingertips.

Going doubt-free is an essential for the students, and Doubtnut helps the students achieve this feat and more. From instant doubt solution, to improved progress assessment to collaborative communication between the teachers and students, Doubtnut is ushering students in every way possible.

Moreover, a student can revisit any concept on Doubtnut website or app, as our video tutorials are freely accessible, and students can pause and repeat as necessary. Our team of experts is available 24X7 to address student’s queries.

As we celebrate the 71st Republic day, it is also time to revamp the education sector. We set out to make learning fun, free and interesting for the students. And, only by truly economic and affordable education system can India become sincerely Republic.

Doubtnut wishes you all a Happy Republic Day!

By Arti Chauhan

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