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Happy Teachers Day 2019

Published On : 6 September 2019

Today, the 5th of September is celebrated as ‘Teachers’ Day’ in India. The schools and colleges in our country today hold various programs to celebrate the Teachers’ Day. The students perform various activities showcasing regards to their teachers. The teachers too may engage in fun activities and games along with the kids to make the event a more memorable one.

Every year the teacher’s day is celebrated in memory of Dr Sarvepalli Radha Krishnan on his birth anniversary. Dr Radhakrishnan was a philosopher and a distinguished scholar who served as the first Vice President of India from 1952 to 1962 and as the second President of our country from the year 1962 to 1967. He was a brilliant student who won many scholarships throughout his student life. He had won several awards including a knighthood and Bharat Ratna and was nominated 27 times for the Nobel Prize. Once when his students wanted to celebrate his birthday, he instead announced that the day would be observed as ‘Teachers’ Day’, since he believed that teachers are the best minds in the country.  Hence, ever since Dr Radhakrishnan became the second President of India in the year 1962, 5th of September is being celebrated as Teachers’ Day.

Needless to say, teachers are the backbone of a nation and they play a vital role in shaping the children as responsible citizens. In India, teachers are shoved to a position higher than that of God, and so we shower our immense respect to them through whatever means possible. Hence apart from the Teachers’ Day, we also pay our respects to teachers on another special occasion dedicated to our gurus or teachers, called ‘Guru Purnima’. Children right from the age of three start spending more and more time in the school with their teachers than at home with parents. And then on, the teachers apart being mere educators, also play the roles of being a friend, a guide and a philosopher. Yes, technology has advanced; we learn things through the internet. Yet, the role of a teacher is irreplaceable; The values and the principles that the teachers inculcate is just matchless. This is the very reason, no matter how our lives change, we all still remember, reminisce and cherish our school and college teachers often.

Just like how September 5th is recognised as Teachers’ Day in India, other countries also observe Teachers’ Day on different dates to pay respect to the teachers.  For Example, Australia celebrates the last Friday in every October as the Teachers’ Day and countries like Canada, Russia, Bangladesh, Germany, Netherlands, Nigeria, UAE, UK, etc recognise 5th of October as the Teachers’ Day. This is because 5th October was recognised by UNESCO as the ‘World Teachers’ Day’ in the year 1994.

Teachers have been one of the most influential people in the world who have been empowering the younger generation with abundant knowledge. We at Doubtnut, take this special day as an occasion to gladly inform that we make education accessible to students across India through our e-learning modules and online tutorials. The subject matter experts and teachers at the Doubtnut strive hard to provide perfect solutions and answers to the questions posed by the learners from core subjects like Maths, Physics and Chemistry. We too, like the teachers all around, play our part in empowering thousands of students by imparting quality education through the means of video tutorials and e-learning materials.  

This special day, let’s take a moment to salute our teachers who are one of the most influential people in this world.  Let’s recollect some of our favourite teachers and the best moments we had with them!

By Doubtnut

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