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How to join NASA, 5 Programs That Help to Create a Career at the Space Organisation

Published On : 3 September 2019

A job at NASA? Just like Kalpana Chawla and Sunita Williams, who brought laurels to our country and the esteemed space organisation?

sunita williams

                                                                                                           ( Sunita Williams)

Kalpana Chawla

                                                                                                               (Kalpana Chawla)

Sure, it sounds like a dream to many. Of course, it is indeed a big deal to score a job at the world’s acclaimed space station; for years now, a job at NASA is every space enthusiast’s dream . Today, we are going to help the NASA aspirants realise their dreams through several options available to get into the esteemed organisation.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration abbreviated as NASA is America’s space research organisation that is responsible for various popular space programs. Established in 1958, NASA holds records for successfully executing several space programs such as Apollo Moon missions, Skylab space station, space shuttle program, etc.

So obviously, landing a job at NASA doesn’t seem like an easy one. But this condition applies to only a few job positions and not all. Working at NASA doesn’t necessarily have to be as an astronaut or a space research scientist. One can find job opportunities in various other departments such as engineering, administrative management, medical support, technical support, etc. The saying that goes, “one shoe doesn’t fit all” suits perfectly here, and each job position at NASA would demand different educational qualifications and professional experiences.

Let us now explore various ways to get into NASA

NASA’s programs

The primary requirement for getting into NASA is the U.S. citizenship. On the brighter side, according to the reports, there is a huge population of Indians who work at NASA. There are several programs that pave a way for the students, graduates/postgraduates who would like to explore work at NASA. Let’s look at those programs now.

Astronaut Candidate Program

This program enables candidates to create a path towards becoming an astronaut at NASA. The selected persons to work at the ISS program or International Space Station program. The applications for this position are accepted on an as and when basis. The selected Astronaut candidates will be assigned to the Astronaut Office at the Johnson Space Center, Houston, Texas, where they undergo training and evaluation for 2 years. 

What are the eligibility criteria for applying to this position?

Citizenship requirement:

The applicants must be citizens of the U.S. Also, candidates with valid U.S. dual-citizenship are eligible too.

Educational qualifications:

  • A bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution in any one of the following streams namely engineering, physical science, biological science, computer science or mathematics.
  • An advanced degree is desirable but optional. In this case, the advanced degree can be substituted for professional experience requirements.

To further explore the program, click here

Professional qualifications:

  • The aspiring candidates are expected to have at least three years of relevant professional experience, after the degree.
  • The candidates holding a master’s degree can substitute the degree for professional experience of one year and a doctoral degree can substitute 3 years of the required experience.

Physical requirement:

The eligible candidates would have to pass NASA long-duration Astronaut physical test that demands specific visual and anthropometric requirements.

The NASA Pathway Programs

NASA provides the Pathway Programs targeting college students, fresh graduates and postgraduates. Pathways Program is one of the easy ways to get into NASA as it offers three separate ways to score a job there. The three NASA Pathway Programs are NASA Pathways Intern Employment Program, Pathways Recent Graduates Program, and Pathways Presidential Management Fellows Program.

NASA Pathways Intern Employment Program

NASA Pathways Intern Employment Program is one of the three ways and is mainly for the current students, and the ones accepted into a specific qualifying educational program. It is one of the feasible options for aspiring students to begin a career with NASA.

What are the eligibility criteria for applying to this program?

Citizenship and age requirement:

The applicants must be citizens of the U.S. and be at least 16 years of age when beginning the internship.

Educational requirements:

  • Should be pursuing an educational degree or certificate
  • Should either be enrolled in an educational institution,
  • or at least accepted for enrolment on a part-time basis
  • Currently, have a 2.9 Grade Point Average (GPA).

Pathways Recent Graduates Program

This program is for the candidates who recently graduated, or would be graduating the current year. The accepted ones will be placed into a career development program of one year which will eventually create a pathway for a career at NASA.  

What are the eligibility criteria for applying to this program?

Citizenship requirement:

The applicants must be citizens of the U.S.

Educational requirements:

  • Must be recently graduated,
  • (Or) the ones still pursuing studies must be graduating the current year.


The eligible candidates need to apply within two years of completing a bachelor’s degree from an accredited educational institution with an exception for the qualified veterans.

Pathways Presidential Management Fellows Program

It is for aspiring individuals who have completed an advanced degree or advanced graduate course. The program lasts two years, and after successful completion, the candidates may be assigned permanent roles in the organisation.

Citizenship requirement:

The applicants must be citizens of the U.S.

Educational requirements:

  • The candidates must have qualified advanced degree within the previous two years.
  • The candidates must have finished their advanced course in the current year.

For more details regarding the Pathway Programs, click here

NASA STEM Engagement (For an internship or a fellowship at NASA)

This program is to broaden the future science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) employees. Students can win internships and fellowships at NASA through this program and can thereafter participate in experimental learning under the guidance of a mentor. These students don’t require any prior working experience and these projects are available in three sessions, every year.

What are the eligibility criteria for applying to this program?

Who can apply for this program?

  • Individuals who have a Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale
  • The school students applying must be 16 years of age at the time of application.
  • Undergraduates and graduate students.
  • Candidates pursuing a degree program from a recognised college or university.
  • Educators

Citizenship and requirement:

The applicants must be citizens of the US. The school students applying must be 16 years of age at the time of application.

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As mentioned earlier, there are other jobs at NASA under various divisions that support the research operations. Some of these jobs don’t even require formal education, for example, the role of a photographer.  According to NASA, about 60% of positions come under ‘Professional, Engineering and Scientific’ category, for which the requirement is just a bachelor's or a higher degree with a major in the specialized field. The next 24% of the of positions come under Clerical and Administrative Support category. The various profiles that come under this category include preparing, reviewing and verifying documents, processing of transactions, maintaining records, etc. Technical and Medical Support group covers about 9% of the jobs at NASA. The positions under this category mainly support professional or administrative work, for example, the technicians.

To find out more about these jobs, Click Here.

By Sowmya Subramanian

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