How to Prepare for CBSE Board and JEE Main Exam Together

Published On : 14 October 2019

Juggling between JEE Main exam preparation and CBSE board exam is quite a task in itself. Perhaps it is also an extremely testing phase for students who wish to pursue engineering after Class 12th. Both the examinations are conducted with only a difference of a few months. CBSE 2020 exams will start on March 2020 while JEE Main first session exam begins in January 2020. Therefore, it is necessary to have a plan. You need to plan your preparation extremely diligently so as to simultaneously study for both the exams.

Here are some tips to prepare for JEE Main and CBSE Board Exams together. This article focuses on providing the students with smart tips to efficiently prepare for both exams. Follow these preparation tips meticulously, to grab the expected results in both JEE Main 2020 and class 12th board exams.

Understand the Examination Pattern of Both the Papers

Having an in-depth understanding of the CBSE board and JEE Mains question paper pattern is a must. Note the basic differences between the board exam paper pattern and the IIT pattern. Both JEE Main and board exam follows a specific paper pattern. You need to understand it to strategically boost up your score. At the same time, do not get confused between the two.

Listed below are the differences between the Examination Pattern of two exams:

  1. Syllabus of JEE Main includes everything you have learnt in class 11 and class 12 syllabus. Whereas Class12th Board syllabus includes only class 12 chapters.
  2. JEE Main paper has negative marking, whereas class 12th board exam does not have negative marking.
  3. In JEE Main MCQ format is followed, whereas, in 12th board exam descriptive questions are asked.
  4. The class 12th board question paper is made for all students to score well. On the other hand, JEE Mains being a competitive exam, is designed to eliminate the average students from the competition.

Note: You can check out previous year question papers to better understand the examination pattern of both the papers. It will help you get into the real groove of the examination.

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Planning is the Key

As said earlier, it is necessary to have a plan in mind. To score well in both the exams you need a strategy. As you are preparing for board exams, you must devote time parallel to optimise your JEE Main 2020 preparation.

A structured and detailed plan will help you focus better on your studies. Moreover, it will also enable you to target the complete syllabus in one go. Here, you should be particularly cautious not to overstress yourself to complete every topic.

Be very practical.

 Chart down the plan and fix it on wall in front of your study table or anywhere in your room. Design the plan targets you wish to achieve that fulfils CBSE boards as well as JEE Main preparations.

Do not try to do too much as it will only stress you and disappoint you. Besides, it is not possible to work all day continuously without rest. Therefore, while preparing a plan make sure to include breaks, naps, and snacks times to refresh your mind and body from time to time.

Include the Complete Syllabus while Making a Plan

While JEE Main is about practice, board exams are all about theory. While learning the theoretical concepts, you must simultaneously solve the related MCQs to verify their application across various JEE Mains questions. It will give you a better grasp on theory as well the JEE Main questions.

In board exams, you will be tested heavily on theory. Hence, it provides an excellent opportunity for you to get well versed with the various JEE Mains concepts in more detail. It would ultimately help you in JEE Main preparation.

Multiple Revisions of the entire syllabus is the Need of the Hour

In both JEE Main and board exams preparation, revision is essential to score marks. Prioritize the chapters with maximum weightage in JEE Main and Board exam syllabus. JEE Main has questions from all the topics of your board exam syllabus. Make it a point to go through the entire syllabus multiple times without missing out on any important topic.

 Do not leave any topic, no matter it is too easy or too difficult. Start your preparation as soon as possible so that you have time to complete the entire syllabus thoroughly. This approach will help you ace CBSE board as well as JEE Main 2020 exam because you would have learnt and revised everything.

For JEE Main preparation you must remember all the formulae and their application so that you don’t miss on the simple questions. You need to learn every concept by heart and revise it thoroughly to fetch easy marks.

Mock Test and Previous Year Question Paper for Last-minute Preparation

When the board exams are close, you may find it challenging to give time to JEE Main preparation. Yet, you must try to devote at least one hour daily for JEE Main practice. In this one hour, you can do some MCQs or take JEE mains mock test.

Studying with the help of a Mock Test will also help you understand your weak points, and augment your preparation accordingly. Mock Test will give you ample time to prepare for JEE mains once the board exams are over.

You can take up Mock test on Doubtnut App that you can make use of for your preparation.

When preparing for final class 12th Exams, you must focus on learning the theoretical concepts well. You will need to do previous year papers of 12th Board Exams to practice concluding the exam paper on time.

By Arti Chauhan

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