IIT KGP Develops Indigenous Electric three wheeler to Battle Pollution

Published On : 24 September 2019

Deshla – e-vehicle can run at a speed of up to 50kph and offers a smoother ride on Indian roads

While urban planners are struggling to reduce vehicular pollution, Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur (IIT KGP) has developed “Electric Vehicle” named ‘DESHLA’ to help fight the pollution on roads. The e-vehicle has been built indigenously at the IIT KGP campus after three years of research and is expected to offer a tough competition to the current generation of 3-wheelers and high-maintenance Totos in terms of comfortable road journey and cleaner air to breathe in. Here is everything you should know about the new this new exciting totos passenger vehicle.

The Deshla has been designed by a 50-member student team led by Professor Vikranth Racherla from IIT KGP’s mechanical engineering department. It comes with a lithium-ion battery, powerful and robust motor design, high load capacity and a sturdy frame along with easy manoeuvrability. The lithium-ion battery that can be charged at home has a life of up to six to seven years, thus offering longevity to the vehicle. It can be driven at a maximum speed of 50km per hour.

Electric vehicles are also known as Totos are in vogue today due to their lower costs as compared to the expensive diesel auto models. The IIT KGP’s team led by Prof. Racherla has worked on three technologies in giving birth to Deshla, these include –“the battery management system (version 5.0) rated for 51.2 nominal voltage, 70 A current, Motor controller ver 2.1 rated for 60 V 70 A for operating BLDC motor and the charger design.”

Other than this, the team of students has also worked on the chassis, steering, suspension, braking, transmission, flooring, and integration of sensors. Also, the back wheels of the Deshla have independent suspension, similar, to a car’s design. In comparison to the other three-wheelers models running on the road at present, the Deshla offer’s a more stable and jerk-free ride on difficult roads. It has a steering wheel and works on gear mechanism. Instead of the mechanical brakes, the vehicle uses hydraulic brakes, which is more effective The prototype of e-vehicle has already conducted a successful test run at the IIT KGP campus itself.

Totos, which are presently in use in our country generally utilise 1 kW DC motor with 48 V 100 Ah lead-acid battery pack. Current models have designing and engineering issues in terms of engine control, safety, model reliability, performance, and comfort on the road. Approaching to tackle these problems, Shri Bijoy Chatterjee, Life Fellow of IIT Kharagpur and emerging technology adviser envisaged the design and fabrication of an electric three-wheeler with improved electrical and mechanical functionalities that are lightweight and suited for urban use.

Prof. Racherla and two other lead researchers Shyama Agrawal and Manuj Agrawal from IIT KGP have already proposed the commercialisation of the vehicle to the interested start-up companies. They also working on raising angel funding for the industrial production of the Deshla – electric vehicle.

Statement on New Green Vehicle “Deshla” by IIT KGP

The new green vehicle 'DESHLA', designed and built by the IIT KGP team, is set to pose a strong challenge to the current generation of three-wheeler autos and high-maintenance e-rickshaws, said a statement of IIT Kharagpur. The team is led by Prof. Vikranth Racherla from Department of Mechanical Engineering of the institute.

Racherla said "Instead of retrofitting an existing vehicle, we thought we would build one up from scratch, especially because the design is so important for an electric vehicle. Each design has been conceived, analysed, prototyped and the cycle repeated many times before the actual product came out.” The professor said they can produce two models concerning the seating capacity: a ‘3+1’ model and a ‘6+1’ model. “With its powerful motor, a lithium-ion battery that can last up to seven years, high load carrying capacity, sturdy frame and yet easy manoeuvrability, Deshla is a better option than diesel-guzzling, polluting autos and the flimsy and high-maintenance Totos. It is not only clean and green, but also steals a march on both when it comes to safety, reliability, performance, and comfort," IIT Kharagpur said in an email.

Prof. Sriman Kumar Bhattacharyya, Officiating Director of IIT KGP said, “DESHLA would prove to be the dawn of the ‘Make in India’ electric three-wheeler vehicles popularly known as ‘Toto’ in this part of the country. Local Toto drivers who visited during the test run are excited with the vehicle design and the economics behind it.” "The ride was beautiful, jerk-free and the drive was smooth, thanks to the beautifully designed, easily manoeuvrable sturdy frame," he said.

By Arti Chauhan

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