Is the NCERT Biology Sufficient for NEET 2020

Published On : 15 November 2019

An aspiration for a career where you can benefit and save millions of lives undeniably requires a candidate to be meticulous, hardworking and passionate about the medical profession. 

Candidates determined to practice medicine in the country primarily sit for the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET), which is conducted by the government agency National Testing Agency (NTA)

If a candidate qualifies for NEET, it opens up the chances for the candidate to get admission in various medical colleges and dental colleges of India. Therefore, to fulfill their dreams of serving and saving the lives of millions, it becomes imperative for the NEET aspirants to put their best efforts when appearing for NEET 2020.

To qualify NEET, NCERT is the core textbook for NEET aspirants.  Many successful NEET candidates who have qualified the exam believes that the NCERT biology book is the key to score in biology.

Strategy for NEET Preparation

Before starting preparation for NEET, candidates should be well informed of the NEET exam pattern, NEET syllabus, and best books to study for NEET.  It helps in knowing the type of questions that are going to be asked in the exam, weightage of marks, and duration of examination to answer questions swiftly.

NEET exam covers three main subjects which are Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.  Among these three, Biology is considered to be least tough owing to its scoring capacity and no issue of banging head over solving tricky sums and formula.

Once the NEET aspirant knows the exam pattern and syllabus, the next consideration is the best books or study material to crack NEET.

Reason to Study NCERT Biology for NEET

To obtain a high score in NEET biology, one should go through NCERT thoroughly from cover to cover to grasp a clutter-free understating of the concepts.  NCERT biology book must be scanned multiple times by aspirants till they get all the essential topics on their tip of the tongue. 

Below are the reasons that make NCERT Biology a necessity that is sufficient for NEET 2020:

1) In the biology section of the NEET exam 70-75 out of 90 questions are picked from NCERT only, and that accounts for 300 marks of 360 total.

2) The NCERT chapters are designed lucidly.  The topics are curated in an elaborative manner so that the students can easily understand the concepts discussed.  The simple yet informative design of the NCERT biology saves much time in learning concepts.

3) Unlike, other biology reference books where different authors have their own style of explaining the concepts, simple language is used in explaining concepts in NCERT biology. 

NCERT book follows a minimalistic approach in its chapters to elucidate critical topics, which is an advantage over reference books.  Candidates find it easy to learn the concepts from NCERT, and that too in much lesser time.  Reference books stuff the content too much to unnecessary fill hundreds of pages.

4) During the exam time, NCERT books aid in quick revision due to its simplistic design and precise content.  Students who follow NCERT book complete their syllabus earlier than the students who rely on different reference books.  Thus, a candidate can save a lot of time for revising other subjects as well.

5) NCERT book creates a strong foundation of a topic on top of which the building of more critical knowledge and facts will stand.  NCERT biology helps in solving last 10 years questions of Biology which is an important thing to do, as most of the questions are linked or framed from the questions of previous years.

6) Another reason to study NCERT biology for NEET is that the candidate has to study the same NCERT biology book for both, CBSE board exam and NEET exam.  So with repetitive studying of the same book leads to a comprehensive and deep understanding of the core topics mentioned in the NCERT book. 

Tips for Revision

i) NEET aspirant should revise each chapter after its completion.  Do not leave a chapter after studying it for once without revision.

ii) Candidates should take online tests to know their level of preparation and assess their preparation plan.  It will help in strategising the study plan for the exam.

iii) Candidates can take online mock tests provided by NTA.  As the mock tests are similar to that of the actual exam, it helps in the analysis of preparation level, type of questions, and time management. 

iv) CBSE board students who are preparing for both board and NEET exam can learn the answers easily by practicing diagram and reading the lines given in the description of images for better retention of the biology answers.

v) Candidate must solve the questions given on the backside of the NCERT textbooks.  Most questions are directly asked in the exam from there.

vi) NEET aspirants should keep their concepts cleared and be well abreast with the minute details to so as crack the exam with a fantastic score.

By Kishan Mohan

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