JEE Main 2020 Preparation: How Parents Can Help their Children

Published On : 30 December 2019

From buying the best books to offering motivational support throughout the exam journey, parents play a pivotal role in their child’s Joint Entrance Exam (JEE) preparation.

The JEE Main preparation seems like an exhausting task for the candidates. They undergo a lot of stress with too much syllabus to cover within a limited time. Clearing the JEE is as important for the parents as it is for their children.

Moreover, parents can be the reason behind the success of your kid. It is in their hands to help, guide, and support their children during the preparation. Here are some things every parent must-do to encourage their ward during JEE Main 2020 and JEE Advanced 2020 preparations:

Be Part of their Journey

As a parent, your accountability towards your child does not end by getting him/her admitted to a coaching institute or by buying the best books. To be honest, it is just the bare minimum. You need to do more than this to help your ward prepare for the examination.  

Here are a Few Things you Must Do:

1. Regularly check your ward’s assignment and notes

2. Check his / her attendance in the class

3. Track his progress and classroom performance in weekly tests

4. Regularly obtain feedback from their teachers

However, it doesn’t imply that you keep running after your ward day and night. You must do everything, but subtly. The intelligent thing is to encourage them to share their progress with you.

You have to be supportive. More importantly, you must have a sense of understanding that your child is undergoing a lot.

Talk to Your Child Regularly

Exam stress is unavoidable, especially when JEE Main is just around the corner. There might be times when your child feels low or directionless. It is important to talk to your child.

Don’t let examination stress to hamper the JEE Main preparation and performance of your child. Parents must motivate their children to talk to them about their apprehensions.

If your child is stressed, what parents need to do is talk to their children. You must listen to them patiently and motivate them to perform their best in the upcoming exam.

A healthy discussion can help your wards get a quick solution and make them feel relaxed and happy. It will give them a new ray of hope.

Break the Monotony for Them

The JEE Mains preparation requires rigorous revisions. Your child needs to go through the entire syllabus numerous times to master the topics.  

In case your child finds it annoying to read the same books again and again, you can motivate them to learn from pre-recorded NCERT solutions video lectures. Online learning has several advantages over routine classroom learning.

Learning from video lectures helps your child in learning to self-study. With Doubtnut’s free NCERT video solutions your child can learn to watch interactive videos by IITians and experienced examination experts.

Doubtnut also offers chapter-wise and topic-wise curated video lectures on all important books of JEE mains including RD Sharma, NCERT Maths, physics, chemistry, and CENGAGE / G. Tewani.  

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Give Your Child a Healthy Home

Home is where the learning begins. Most JEE aspirants fail to clear exams due to stress or lack of a healthy environment to study. Therefore, parents have to make it the best place. It is the primary responsibility of any parents to offer a healthy atmosphere at home to their ward.

Here are some tips to make Learning at Productive:

  • Make sure the atmosphere of your house remains peaceful.
  • Avoiding arguments and fights at home.
  • Ensure that the study room at home is comfortable for your child to study peacefully.
  • Ask about how their day at school or coaching institute was and what difficulties they might have faced.
  • Never forget to praise them.
  • You can also share your references for school days to set a good example.

Protect Your Child from Falling Sick

Children often get ill during exam days. As a parent, it becomes your responsibility that your child follows a proper routine of study, rest and play. Parents play a key role in ensuring the right diet, study habits and consistency of the ward.

Do not let your child skip meals or compromise with sleep. Proper eight hours of sleep is a must for your child.

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Get Them to Solve Mock Tests

Mock tests are the best way to analyze your child’s performance. As a parent, you must make them realize the importance of solving mock tests. You should ask them to solve as many mock tests as possible at home.

Mock tests will help present a crystal clear picture of the progress of your child to you as well as to him. Thankfully, with Doubtnut it is highly convenient to take the online mock tests at home. You can also install the Doubtnut app in your phone to get your ward a wide range of FREE tests papers, FREE online mock tests, FREE past year papers, and other related study material.

To sum up

Your child preparation is half baked without the right support. Give your best support to your children during their JEE Main 2020 preparation.

Encourage your child for regular revision. Ensure that your children are channelizing their energy in the right direction.

And, last but not the least; try to maintain a calm environment at home. Be there for your child and support them in their decisions.

By Arti Chauhan

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