Kerala Becomes First State in India to Go Fully Digital in Public Education

Published On : 14 October 2020

The public education system in Kerala is making strides in online learning with Kerala becoming the 1st state in India to go fully digital in classroom teaching and learning process in all its government-run schools.

The government schools are becoming completely hi-tech loaded with advanced digital features and online learning gadgets, ensuring top-notch e-learning experience for children attending public schools.

Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan announced that Kerala’s public education system is now entirely digital. The digital classroom project was implemented by Kerala Infrastructure and Technology for Education, KITE, with strong monetary assistance from Kerala Infrastructure and Technology for Education, KIIFB.

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The Kerala Chief Minister’s Remarks on Kerala State Digital Education

Addressing the ceremony where the CM declared Kerala as the 1st Indian State education to become 100% digital in the public education sector, CM appreciated his government's effort to rejuvenate public education and said that the major task was to provide our government schools international standards in academic and other key learning areas.

“This is the achievement of our State which benefits the next generation. LDF government has led the mission. Four missions have announced to rejuvenate public education. All missions were under local body governments. Even though the State has a better public education system it could not develop timely,” the Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan said at the ceremony to declare Kerala as the 1st State to become fully digital in the public education sector.

“In the last 5 years, 5 lakhs students joined in government schools. Peoples attitude towards public education system has changed. Our mission was to develop our schools into international standards in academic and other areas. A school in our village should have the same standards as the best school in any part of the world,” he added.

The Chief Minister said that schools will be re-opened at the appropriate time.

The state government has also safeguarded that no single student should have missed out on the online classes during the lockdown.

“Quality education should be provided to all. But schools cannot reopen now. The situation is not suitable to reopen schools. The schools will be re-opened at the appropriate time,” he implied regarding the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic situation.

Kerala Infrastructure and Technology for Education

The state was able to accomplish this feat due to the efforts of governments in the state, where education has always been given top priority.

The state government brought in hi-tech projects consisting of INR 493.50 Crore hi-tech school project for the secondary schools and the INR 300 Crore hi-tech lab project for the primary schools in the state.

As per the latest media reports, 16000 government schools in the state have now been equipped with 374,274 Information and Technology equipment which includes 4,545 LED TVs, 23,098 projector screens, 4,611 multifunctional printers, 4,578 DSLR Cameras, 43,250 mounting kits, 4,720 full HD webcams along with high-speed broadband connection in 12,678 schools.

The digitalization programmes were successfully implemented by the Kerala Infrastructure and Technology for Education, KITE, which has played a pivotal role in the offering uninterrupted online education to the students in the state during the nationwide lockdown since March 2020.

During the lockdown, KITE introduced the First Bell Digital Classes for the students, which is an alternative to the customary classes in the backdrop of schools.

As per the reports, KITS has completed 2,650 classes since its first launch on 01 June 2020.

Through the First Bell programme the online classes are being held through the KITE VICTERS channel which also broadcasts through social media platforms including the YouTube and Facebook Live.

K. Anvar Sadath, CEO at KITE during media interaction stated that all the equipment has a 5-year onsite warranty which is the first of its kind in the country.

To solve the user complaints related to the e-learning, the web portal and call centre are also functional. He further stated that all the equipment systems are insurance covered.

“Since the deployment of IT equipment to schools alone would not suffice Information and Communications Technology (ICT) enabled learning system, we have ensured essential components such as ICT content development through its Samagra portal,” added Sadath.

Furthermore, he added that an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) powered learning system has also been installed to make sure crucial components such as ICT Content development are distributed Via the Government of India’s Samagra Portal.

The public schools in the state have hi-tech classrooms and IT Labs to provide a global experience to the students and teachers in the teaching-learning process.

Take Away

The wide digital-divide in the several Indian states display the amount of work required to be done if rural India is to be truly digitally galvanized. It is to be noted that, if students had been well-versed in accessing online tools for learning before the COVID-19 pandemic, a huge hurdle for rolling out e-learning classrooms could have been dealt with.

The Kerala government’s investment in digitalizing the government-run schools comes at a time when such investment isn’t prioritized by most other state governments, with an exception of Himachal Pradesh.

With KIIFB funded projects, along with the MP/MLA funds, and even assistance from local bodies, other states should also follow the footsteps of Kerala in the public sector education.

Such projects will ensure that online learning doesn’t become a barrier to schooling. However, Kerala has become the 1st state to ensure that in the future children from the backward classes can get familiar with digital tools; the KITE has provided free software for 2 lakh laptops given to the schools.

Following these efforts, public schools in Kerala will have a digital classroom learning experience and IT-enabled labs providing a truly global experience for students in the learning process.

By Aarti Chauhan

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