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Last days exam preparation tips to score good marks in CBSE Class 12 Chemistry

Published On : 11 March 2019

How to Revise Class 12 Chemistry in One Day?

The CBSE board examination is in full swing and students are all set to appear for upcoming CBSE Class 12 Chemistry Question Paper 2019 on March 13, 2019. Chemistry is scoring subject and with some intelligent preparation, students can easily score good marks in the Chemistry. This subject is also important for your various competitive exams too. If you are thinking about how to revise chemistry class 12 in minimum time to make real strides in the upcoming examination, then, here are some tips and trick -

Last Minute/ Day Tips to Revise Chemistry in one day

Sample Papers – Best to Revise Chemistry in one day: By solving sample papers you can easily cover all the important questions of class 12 chemistry in minimum duration. It is a must to do an item a day before the examination. It will help you assess your preparedness level. Here at, you can easily find CBSE 10th board chemistry samples papers. Download now!

CBSE Class 12 Chemistry Sample Paper: Check here 

Previous Year Question Papers:

The previous year question papers contain most-important and most-relevant questions that have the highest weight in your upcoming CBSE 10th Chemistry examination. They will help you in the revision of all the important topics of the examination. Therefore, students must solve previous years question papers Revise Chemistry in one day. 

The preparation for Class 12th Chemistry board finals cannot be done by mere reading or memorization of notes. The key to achieving best grades is Practice, practice and practice! Therefore you must solve as many as CBSE sample paper and previous year question papers.

CBSE Class 12 Chemistry Previous Year Question Paper: Check here

CBSE Chemistry Exam timing, Exam Schedule

  1. The examination will commence at 10 A.M., therefore, you must reach the examination hall. From this year CBSE board has strictly advised the examination centres to not to allow any student after 10 A.M.
  2. The question paper and answer books will get distributed between 10.00 -10.15 A.M. You must write your credentials such as name, roll number etc on the answer book in between these 15 minutes. Also, from 10.15 -10.30 A.M.(15 minutes) candidates shall read the question paper
  3. The signed Assistant Superintendent(s) will be confirming the correctness of your particulars.
  4. At 10.30 A.M., you can start writing the answers.

CBSE  Class 12 Chemistry Question Paper Pattern

Total time allowed will be 3 Hours and maximum marks will be 70. Here are the general instructions.

  1. All questions are compulsory.
  2. Section A: 1 to 5 are very short answer questions and carry 1 mark each.
  3. Section B: 6 to 12 are short answer questions and carry 2 marks each.
  4. Section C: 13 to 24 are also short answer questions and carry 3 marks each.
  5. Section D: 25 to 27 are long answer questions and carry 5 marks each.
  6. There is no overall choice. However, an internal choice has been provided in two questions of one mark, two questions of two marks, four questions of three marks and all the three questions of five marks weightage. You have to attempt only one of the choices in such questions.
  7. Use of log tables if necessary, the use of calculators is not allowed.

Last-Minute Exam Tip: Your Examination day Attitude

There is no denying that CBSE Chemistry 10th board examination can be tricky. All preparation may go wrong if a student is nervous during the day of the examination.  You must try to remain level-headed. Therefore, it is important to take proper sleep and rest a day before the examination. While attempting the question paper you must read the instructions carefully. Don’t waste your time and energy on a question of which you don’t know the answer. You can simply shift your focus on the next question. It is also advised to attempt your favourite section first. It would make you gain confidence in the early hours of the examination.


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By Arti Chauhan

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