Maharashtra Board SSC 2020 Class 10 Exam Syllabus, Pattern and Preparation Tips

Published On : 26 February 2020

The Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, MSBSHSE, releases the Maharashtra Class 10th syllabus 2020 for the convenience of students. The Maharashtra Board SSC examinations will be held from March 3 to March 23, 2020.

Presented here is detailed Maharashtra Board SSC Syllabus 2020, Maharashtra Board exam pattern 2020 and class 10 board exam preparation tips for students’ assistance.

Read the complete article below to know the entire syllabus of Maharashtra Board.

Detailed Maharashtra Board Syllabus for Class 10

In 10th class, rarely students are aware about the syllabus. Usually, students follow the instructions given by their teachers and prepare for the exam likewise. However, knowledge of syllabus and can help you gain a competitive edge in the examination.

The syllabus offers a clear explanation on the complete course content. It includes important all the chapters and their subsequent weightage that has to be covered in that academic year.

With the good understanding of the students can strategize a proper study plan. The students are suggested to go through the given MH 10th syllabus properly and study diligently for the upcoming board exams. Here is subject-wise Maharashtra Boards class 10th syllabus 2020:

Maharashtra Board SSC 2020 Class 10 Exam syllabus: English Language




Literary and non-literary text


A selection of literary texts

Maharashtra Board SSC 2020 Class 10 Exam syllabus: English Grammar


Revision of Class 8th Grammar

Types of sentences 

Simple, Compound, Complex

Types of clauses 

Principal, Co-ordinate, Sub-ordinate


Continuous  and Continuous Sequence of Tenses


a, an, and  the


Various applications

Word Formation 





Voice transformation 




Indirect object

Question formation

Tag questions

Reported Speech questions








Non-finite their questions




Modal Auxiliaries

Uses of ‘can’, ‘may’, ‘might’, etc.


Unreal conditions in the present/past

Possible conditions in the Present/past

Maharashtra Board SSC 2020 Class 10 Exam: English Marking Scheme

Reading skill (textual and non-textual)




Writing skill


Oral test


Maharashtra Board SSC 2020 Class 10 Exam Syllabus: Hindi

Maharashtra Board SSC 2020 Class 10 Exam Syllabus: Hindi

Maharashtra Board SSC 2020 Class 10 Exam Syllabus: Mathematics

Mathematics syllabus of class 10 includes Algebra and Geometry as its major sections. The class 10 Maths syllabus aims to develop logical reasoning and decision making ability in a student.

Class 10 Algebra:

  • Arithmetic Progression: Sequence, Arithmetic Progression (A.P.) and Geometric Progression (G.P.), General term, First 'n' terms of an A.P. and G.P
  • Quadratic Equations: Introduction, Solutions, Nature of roots based on discriminant, Relation between roots of the equation and coefficient of the terms in the equation Equations reducible to a quadratic form
  • Linear equations in two variables: System of linear equations in two variables, Algebraic methods, Graphical representation, Determinant of order two.
  • Probability: Introduction, Classical definition, Types, Probability of an event, Properties and Equally likely outcomes.
  • Statistics: Tabulation of data, type of tables, Mean, median and mode, Histograms, frequency polygon, curve, pie diagram, Ogives, Applications of Ogives etc.

Class 10 Geometry:

  • Similarity: Introduction, similar triangles, areas of two similar triangles, Similarity in right-angled triangles, Pythagoras theorem.
  • Circle: Tangents, properties, Theorem
  • Coordinate Geometry: Slope of a line, Intercepts, Standard forms of equation of a line, General equation of a line.
  • Geometric Constructions: Construction of tangent to the circle, Construction of tangent without using centre, Construction of triangle, Construction of a triangle similar to a given triangle
  • Trigonometry: Trigonometric ratios, Trigonometric Identities, Use of basic identities, Problems on height and distance
  • Menstruation: Length of an arc, Area of a Circular Segment, Surface area and volume of cuboids, hemispheres, right circular cylinders cones, frustum of a cone.

Maharashtra Board SSC 2020 Class 10 Exam Syllabus: Science

The class 10 science is a combination of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. The syllabus consists of study of food materials, natural phenomenon, how things work or move, the world of living, etc.

  • Chemistry: Materials, Acids and Bases, Chemical Reactions, Oxidation and Reduction, Metals and Non-metals, Carbon Compounds
  • Biology: The World of Living, Life Processes, Control in the Living, Reproduction in the Living, Heredity and Evolution
  • Physics: Moving Things, Electric Circuits, Magnets, Natural Phenomena, Light, Spherical Mirrors, Refraction, Lenses
  • Pollution: Types of Pollution, Sources of Pollution and Major Pollutants, Effect of Pollution on Environment, Abatement of Pollution, Striving for a Better Environment, Use of efficient and eco-friendly technology,

Maharashtra Board SSC 2020 Class 10 Exam Syllabus: Social Science

The social science syllabus of class 10 is divided into four parts: History, Political Science, Geography and Economics.

  • History: Ancient, Medieval and Modern History; Imperialism, 20th Century Age of Conflict: First World War, Russian Revolution, The League of Nations, Dictatorships in Europe, the Second World War, and World, United Nations Organization;

Geographical discoveries and Colonization, Asia: India, China, Japan, Africa;

Liberation of Asia and Africa; The world after World War II; Globalization

  • Political science: Rules and regulations of the society we live in, Fundamental rights, human rights etc.; Democracy, Political Parties and Types, Social Diversity and Democracy, Challenges to Democracy Remedial measures to the challenges, Internal Work
  • Geography: Physical Divisions of India, North Indian Mountains, Peninsular Plateau Regions, The Western Ghats and the Eastern Ghats, Coastal Region, Indian Islands and Practical
  • Economics: Introduction to the Economy, what is an Economy, types of Economy, Main features of Economy, Study of money management, factors affecting financial situations, Inflation, Personal Income; Basic Problems of an Economy; Public Distribution system and consumer protection

Maharashtra Board Exam Pattern 2020

The Maharashtra Class 10th board exam pattern consists of 5 compulsory subjects: Mathematics, Science, English, Hindi and Social Science. Students can also choose another language paper in different language options.

Qualifying criterion of Maharashtra Board SSC Exam 2020:

The minimum qualifying percentage required is 35%. In Mathematics and Science, the maximum marks are 150 each and students are required to obtain at least 52 marks in each subject to pass. The remaining subjects are of 100 marks each. The student has to obtain a minimum 35 marks in all other subjects pass the exam.

Subject-wise Preparation Tips & Exam Strategy for Maharashtra Board Exam Class 10 SSC

Exam, be it school level or board, can be a major cause of stress. The Board exam is considered to be highly detail-oriented and meticulous for students according to several surveys. If you are about to give Maharashtra board examination here are some effective subject-wise board exam preparation tips for you.

Follow these simple strategies for Mh board exam which are sure to assist you in preparing for your class 10 board examinations:

Maharashtra board class 10 Mathematics:

Mathematics is a highly scoring subject if you have the basic strong. A lot of written practice is required in this subject to gain speed and accuracy. Make sure to solve problems algebra and geometry.

Maharashtra board class 10 Science:

For this subject, you need a good grip on the fundamental concepts. Pay attention to the diagrams, practice formulae, study chemical reactions and theorems and practice questions for better preparations. Since the science of class 10 is mostly a theoretical subject, therefore, make sure to go through the important definitions of each topic.

Maharashtra board class 10 Social Science:

Social science is also a theory-based subject, however, to gain an edge in this subject try to solve previous year question and do practice every day. Make sure to practice the maps. Also, solve problems related to latitude and longitude as they could be high scoring questions with an examination point of view.

Maharashtra board class 10 English and Hindi and other language exam preparation tips:

Language exams, be it Hindi or English or any other language (2nd or 3rd) generally lack a preparation from the students’ side due to other core subjects. However, language papers can help you build a high overall percentage if you prepare well. For language papers, written practice is a must. Also, read chapters loud, learn poems and prose carefully and try to revise as many times as possible.

By Arti Chauhan

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