National Girl Child Day 2021: Nurturing & Empowering Girls

Published On : 24 January 2021

India Celebrates National Girl Child Day 2021: Girls and Women are half of the world’s population and, hence, also half of the world’s strength. However, the progress for young girls has not kept pace with the fast-moving world. Clearly, more than just words, meaningful actions are required.

Empowering girls and promoting gender equality is fundamental towards accelerating sustainable growth of the society.

Culminating all forms of discrimination against girls is not just a basic human right, but it will also have a progressive effect across all other development areas of our society and Country.

Therefore, it is critical to end all forms of gender inequalities and secure uniform access to education, health, learning resources, employment, leadership positions and equal participation in economy building for both girls and women and girls.

To highlight the inequalities and challenges faced by girls in our country and to spread awareness regarding the gender discrimination, National Girl Child Day in India is celebrated every year on January 24, 2021. Moreover, the celebrations also highlight the anniversary of the “Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao” (BBBP) scheme.

Why Do We Celebrate National Girl Child Day on January 24th?

In India, every January 24th is celebrated as National Girl Child Day. It was started by the Ministry of Women and Child Development (MoWCD) and Government of India in 2008 with an aim to spread awareness regarding the gender-based discrimination in society and to empower girls to bring change in their attitude.

The GOI has taken several measures over the years to improve the conditions of girls in Indian society and reduce discrimination.

Several campaigns launched by the Indian Government are “Save the Girl Child, Beti Bachao Beti Padhao”, free or subsidized education for the girl children, seat reservations for women in educational institutes have also been initiated.

Importance of National Girl Child Day

Since time immemorial, the Indian society has been a Patriarchal society i.e. male-dominated. It can be one reason why even after so much of economic progress, globalization, girl child still face discrimination in various fields including education, jobs.

There are instances when girls in their own homes are even ignored when it comes to basic schooling because it is believed that a girls’ only job in the society is that of a mom or a wife whose the primary role is to take care of her family.

In some parts of Indian society, gender based discrimination begins even before a child is born. The gender inequality problem is acutely embedded in our culture, beliefs and even through our laws.

The worst is when the Girls are killed as a foetus and or as an infant. This another reason for a skewed Child Sex Ratio in India, where for every 1,000 boys, there are only 927 girls, as per the latest census report.

National Girl Child Day 2021 Theme

This year’s theme for National Girl Child Day 2021 is yet to be announced by the Ministry of Women and Child Development. Every year, a new theme is decided by the ministry, about the lack of equality girls facing today compared to boys. For 2021, the MoWCD has not designated any theme as of yet.

In 2020, the theme of the National Girl Child Day was “Education, Equality and Empowerment”. In 2019, the theme was “Empowering Girls for a Brighter Tomorrow”.

Srishti Goswami – One Day’s Chief Minister of Uttarakhand

Haridwar's teenager Srishti Goswami, a student of BSc Agriculture at BSM PG College in Roorkee will become the Chief Minister of Uttarakhand for one day on the occasion of National Girl Child Day.

Goswami is the Chief Minister of Uttarakhand's Bal Vidhan Sabha. In May 2018, she became the chief minister of UK’s Bal Vidhan. Her parents are Praveen Goswami, a businessman and Sudha Goswami, a homemaker. She will review various schemes run by Trivendra Singh Rawat’s government, from Garsain, the summer capital of the state.

Punjab Celebrates “Month of the girl child” with - Dheeiyan Di Lohri Scheme

Punjab State Government has announced that the entire month of January 2021 to be the “Month of Girl Child”. Furthermore, a special scheme – “Dheeiyan di Lohri” has been launched to celebrate the National Girl Child Day 2021.

Sharing the details of the scheme, the Chief Minister stated, “Under the special scheme, a series of events will be held every day across districts, beginning with Mohali district, through the month to mark the occasion of Lohri, which will see congratulatory letters penned and signed by the Chief Minister being handed over to the parents of more than 1.5 lakh girls celebrating their first Lohri this year.”

National Girl Child Day 2021: Directives by GOI  

Directives issued by the GOI to ensure a better way of life for the girl child, these directives are –

  1. Celebrate the birth of a girl child in the family and community.
  2. Take pride in daughters and oppose the mentality of ‘Bojh’ and ‘Paraya Dhan’.
  3. Find ways to promote equality between boys and girls.
  4. Secure admission to & retention of girl child in schools.
  5. Engage men and boys to challenge gender stereotypes and roles.
  6. Educate and sensitize our sons to respect women and girls as equal members of society.
  7. Report any incident of sex determination test.
  8. Strive to make neighbourhood safe & violence-free for women & girls.
  9. Oppose dowry and child marriage within the family and community.
  10. Advocate simple weddings.
  11. Support women’s right to own and inherit property.
  12. Encourage women to go out, pursue higher studies, work, do business, access public spaces freely etc.
  13. Mind his language and be sensitive to women and girls.

Take Away

Girl child has faced enough and it’s been long that girl child has been suffering. Now, that India is celebrating its 13th National Girl Child Day, together let us work towards offering the girls a better future.

As Priyanka Chopra Jonas quoted, “No condition must be placed on any human being that stops them from being who they want to be. This applies to girls in India, too. It’s a small percentage of women, who are privileged to not have conditions placed on them. I’m grateful that I am in that lot. Work hard, stay focused, and be committed. Most often than not, you’ll come out on top.”

On the same note, Doubtnut wishes all a Happy National Girl Child Day!

By Aarti Chauhan

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