Super 30 founder Anand Kumar felicitated with esteemed education award in the US

Published On : 21 September 2019

Anand Kumar, the famous mathematician and the founder of ‘Super 30’ coaching program, was honoured with a prestigious teaching award in the U.S. for his immense contribution in empowering the country’s needy students with quality education. The award was presented to Anand Kumar by the Foundation for Excellence (FFE) at San Jose, California over the weekend. Kumar was awarded in the U.S. at the organisation's 25th-anniversary gala where he urged the Indian community living there and across the world to contribute in making education the most potent weapon that can fight all the problems persisting in this world.

The ‘Super 30’ which initially started as a small coaching program that trains the under-privileged students to clear the IIT entrance exams has now reached millions of people across the world, and so has Anand Kumar, the person behind it. The humble initiative of Anand Kumar grabbed all eyeballs when a greater percentage of the students trained by Kumar repeatedly made it to the IITs each year thus giving a tough time to the ubiquitous tutorial business. Kumar’s efforts have now been well recognised not just in India but also globally. Kumar has earned many awards and recognitions like S. Ramanujan Award, Global Education Award, Rashtriya Bal Kalyan Award, etc. And now, Kumar has one more feather to add to his cap as he has been felicitated with the Education Excellence Award 2019, a prestigious teaching award in the US for his dedication towards imparting education to the needy students of the country.

Kumar’s urge at the felicitation ceremony

"Through my small endeavour of Super 30, I have experienced how the smile of success on the face of first generational learner brings cheers not only for the entire family but triggers hope for the entire community. This is what the world needs and your efforts will trigger hope for millions," he said when addressing people at the packed auditorium after receiving the award.

He also added that “Indians have been doing wonders in different fields across the globe, including the USA, and it would be immensely satisfying for them to give something back to their society. There can be no gift more precious than education.

Kumar insisted upon how powerful a weapon education is, and talked about how education can play an essential role in bridging the void that is being created in today’s world. He emphasised on providing the right opportunity to the deserving as that is exactly what he did through his small endeavour called “Super 30”, which is now creating a big revolution in the education field. He said that by making quality education accessible to everyone, a huge impact would be created in this world.

According to Kumar, education is the ultimate solution that helps to accelerate the growth of the nation by eradicating core issues such as poverty, unemployment, population explosion, environmental degradation and a lot more.

Anand Kumar’s Intriguing and Inspiring Journey

Anand Kumar is acknowledged in our country as a renowned mathematician who changed the lives of many underprivileged students by training them to get into the prestigious IITs every year.

Kumar’s accomplishment was so immense that his journey was made into a film called ‘Super 30’, in which Kumar’s role was played by none other than Hrithik Roshan. Though Kumar has been receiving the much-needed recognition recently, his journey all through was not an effortless one.

The story dates back to the year 1992 when Kumar, a talented mathematician, decided to teach mathematics and started an institute by the name ‘Ramanujan School of Mathematics’ (RSM).

Within a span of a few years, his institute attracted more and more students until one fine day in when a poor student who could not afford admission fees approached Kumar to seek coaching for IIT JEE. And this incident brought about a new perspective in Kumar that motivated him to start the Super 30 in the year 2002.

‘Super 30’ program was started with a sole intention to provide a guiding path to the academically brilliant students who because of their impoverished background faced failure in the IIT JEE exams.

He did not want poverty to come as a hurdle in the path of the deserving students and hence started selecting and training 30 talented students every year to clear JEE which is the country’s toughest entrance exam.

The 30 students who get selected through a preliminary test conducted by Kumar, are provided with food and accommodation for a year while undergoing the training essential to crack JEE under the guidance of the expert mathematician.

The very first batch of Super 30 saw a good 18 students cracking the exam, thus proving Kumar’s approach an effective one and this was just the beginning. The consecutive years saw repeatedly good outcomes with more and more students acing the exams from the Super 30 batches.

The records were broken when all the 30 students of Kumar’s program cracked the exams for three years in a row from 2008 to 2010. This feat made heads turn towards Kumar, and Super 30 started getting the required media attention.

 Appreciation started pouring in from not just India, but from all over the world. Anand Kumar became an inspirational figure upon whom awards and recognitions started pouring in.

Today, with the addition of Education Excellence Award to his credit, Anand Kumar joins the league of other philanthropic people that were born to create a difference in this world.

Let us wish more power to our country’s superhero Anand Kumar and his influential venture Super 30 that has been the reason for transforming the lives of thousands of meritorious but underprivileged students!!

By Kishan Mohan

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