Technothlon 2019 sponsored by Doubtnut

Published On : 8 July 2019

Doubtnut is the Title Sponsor of Technothlon to be held on July 14th

The story of Technothlon begins back in 2003 when a small group of IIT-G students decided to conduct an examination that purely tests the potential of the grey matter of a student. Breaking the monotony the traditional academic examinations, Technothlon is not just a regular competitive examination. It is pure fun with logic. No preparation to do. No cramping at all. All you need to do is shake your brains and just enjoy solving puzzles. Above all, which exam gives you the open opportunity to discuss the paper with your friend? Technothlon is an enthralling new experience! With a reputation of this sort and everything so first-class in store Doubtnut is proud to be collaborating with Technothlon 2019 as “The Title Sponsors”. Technothlon is a championship designed to test logical thinking. Doubtnut being India’s top e-learning platform is dedicated to promoting maths learning along with logical thinking; an aim which is shared by means of Technothlon 2019. This year Doubtnut would be endorsing various Technothlon championship competitions at all the levels. The preliminary round of Technothlon is only a week away – to be held on July, 14th 2019.  And we’re all tickled pink!

Here is all that you must know about Technothlon 2019:

Technothlon - Two-Stage Championship

Technothlon is a team-based event and thus it helps in the development of teamwork amongst the participants.  Students need to participate in a team of two -

  • Junior squad: IX-X class students.
  • Haut's squad: XI-XII class students.

There are 2 rounds of the contest: a preliminary examination and Mains. If you love solving puzzles then Technothlon 2019 would be a feast to your logical mind. The exam is conducted by the students of IIT-G as a part of Techniche i.e. a techno-management festival of the IIT-G. Ever since the first Technothlon, the event has been a great success and students just love it. Besides the great fun and learning experience from IIT-fraternity itself, the winners from both Junior and Senior Squad (Hauts) win the final grand prize - a guided tour to NASA and ISRO. Now, that’s unbeatable!

You Must Participate – Here is how?

Online Registration: For registering online now, click on the link:

Offline Registration: You can register offline as well. For offline registration, your city representatives are responsible to collect fees and forms. Also, the contributing schools can also collect registration fees. Next thing for them is to draw up a demand draft to be handed over to the city reps.

On spot Registration: There is a facility of on spot registrations too. You just need to be present at the Prelims centers in your city with your partner an hour before the examination and THERE YOU HAVE IT! You can participate in Technothlon 2019. Check the centers at your city by the above link.

There are still a few legitimate rules; we want you to be aware of –

  1. In your team, you should entail precisely two participants from a similar squad and the similar institution.
  2. The members from each squad (Hauts and Junior Squad) are required to be from the same class or different class.
  3. As said earlier, it has no links to the academic syllabus and participants can discuss the questions while solving.
  4. The question paper of Technothlon is entirely based on logic, analytical ability, reasoning and practical observations.

Are you ready?

We know – “been ready since birth! Go ahead complete your registration for Technothlon 2019 and you never know next thing could be you and your friend roaming around in the NASA, just by solving a few puzzles!

Possibilities are “To Infinity and beyond”

- Buzz Lightyear

By Arti Chauhan

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