Two levels of Mathematics CBSE Exam 2020 Class 10

Published On : 22 August 2019

A student’s life is full of challenges and opportunity. When a student starts going to school it becomes the second place after home where he/she spends most of his time of the day learning and knowing about the world around them in a better way. Until class 9th, students are very well acquainted with procedure and systems of the schools that they are studying in, but in class 10th they have to face board exam which is entirely a new and vital phase in student’s life. From here, they start giving other exams except for their internal exams which are held in school, and therefore students go through stress and pressure of facing board exams for the first time.

Many students feel pressurized for particular subjects in which they do not have proper command. One of the problematic subjects out of all others is Mathematics in which most of the students face difficulty to cope with demands of the subject and even they are stressed for getting good marks in the same.

Two levels of Mathematics Exam CBSE Class 10 in 2020

Seeing all the situations and conditions of the students, Central board of secondary education has therefore released a new exam pattern for class 10, especially in math subject from session 2020.

Under which two separate examinations will be conducted for the Mathematics in the class 10 board examination 2020.

  • The first one will be Mathematics-Standard, which is the existing one.
  • The second one will be Mathematics-Basic, which is the easier one

Candidates will be allowed to select their choice of the test while filling the registration form for the CBSE class 10 board exam 2020.

Important points to be followed for mathematics class 10 CBSE board exam 2020 are mentioned as

Candidates should be aware of the choices made by them and their outcomes mean (a student who chooses basic mathematics will not be able to take up mathematics in class 11.) He/she must keep in mind that they will only be able to appear for the paper that they have opted for while registering for CBSE 2020 Class 10 board examination.

If a student has selected basic mathematics in class 10 and scores well in the same examination and wants to choose mathematics in class 11, he/she will have to appear for class 10 compartmental examination in 2020. Only after passing the compartmental exam in standard mathematics, the student will be eligible for pursuing mathematics in class 11.

Details About Separate Mathematics Exam of Class 10 From Session 2020

  • The first paper is basic mathematics, while the second will be termed as standard mathematics.
  • Students will be provided with the option of choosing mathematics in the registration form for class 10 CBSE Board Examination 2020. Therefore, they can select their choice of the test while filling the registration form.
  • Candidates who opt for basic mathematics will not be able to take up mathematics in class 11.
  • Students must note that they can only appear for the paper they have opted for while registering for CBSE 2020 Class 10 board examination.
  • If a student scores good in basic mathematics examination and wants to pursue mathematics in class 11, the student will have to appear for class 10 compartmental examinations in 2020.
  • Only after passing the compartmental examination, the candidate will be eligible to take up mathematics in class 11.
  • For the first time, the board has offered a chance for the students to give the compartmental exam in the subject so that they have the choice to select the subject of their interest.
  • A student who wishes to study maths as a subject in higher classes should fill standard mathematics as an option while filling the registration form.
  • Only those students who will pass the internal exams conducted by the school will be qualified for the final written exam.
  • An internal examination will be conducted in schools to find the ability of the student whether a student can appear for the written exam.
  • A student, who qualifies the Mathematics-basic, shall be given an option to appear in Mathematics-Standard at the time of Compartment exams as per conditions of the Board, in case the student changes their mind to pursue mathematics at Senior Secondary level.

CBSE 2020 Maths Exam Syllabus

There is no change in the syllabus for basic and standard mathematics papers. It is decided by the CBSE that the syllabus will be the same while there will be changes in the difficulty level of both the papers. The basic mathematics question paper will be easier, whereas the standard mathematics paper will be tough and based on concepts.

Therefore, students are advised to take up mathematics only if they have keen interest in the subject.  Those students who are not interested in the subject and are weak in the subject can take up basic mathematics as an option while filling the form. The students who choose basic mathematics will be passed in the examination by the board.


The change in mathematics exam has its positive effects on students wherein students will be having the choice of selection for the first time on the basis of their capacity and capability in the specific subject. It is a significant step taken for the benefit of the student, they will have the freedom to choose and also they will be able to participate in the board exam in the stress-free manner which will help them to bring good outcomes in the form of a better result in the examination. Syllabus being the same doesn’t create inequality among the students which keep different difficulty levels of both the paper in mathematics exam will help students in selecting and attempting as per their caliber. Hence introducing this new exam pattern for mathematics will definitely bring a positive change in the coming result of the board exam in 2020.

By Doubtnut

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