UP Board 2020 Exam Starts From 18 February, Key Points

Published On : 17 February 2020

The UP Board Exam 2020

You have surely spent the entire year studying, and finally, the time has arrived to milk your year’s hard work. Everything you did the entire year has led up to this… (No pressure at all).  Precisely speaking, it is even less than a day for the commencement of the exam.

Therefore, instead of flat out panicking, why not maximize your performance. Stay cool, calm, collected, and, most of all, full-prepared. Let’s get you started –

Cover the Syllabus

Write down important topics that you would like to revise. Once the list is ready, then prioritize things.

Also, being realistic a day before the exam, you cannot just cover the entire syllabus. Even if you try to stay awake all night you can’t and nobody can.  Therefore, the wise thing is to do as much as possible realistically and give a night off to yourself.

To quickly revise the syllabus, you can also solve UP Board Model Question Papers. You can study till 11:00 pm at max. and post eleven just sleep.

Pack your bag

On the day of the exam, you don’t need any last-minute hassle. Therefore, pack your bag a night before the examination.

Keep all the stationery items you’ll need such as black and blue pen, pencil, rubber, ruler, sharpener and water of bottle. Also, check your pens whether they work or not. Do keep spare pen or pencil.

Moreover, make sure to get your dress ready a night before. You can ask your elder’s help in this department.

Admit Card and other ID documents

The admit card is your identity document. It is the most important item that you must carry with you on the day of the examination.

Make sure to keep it in your bag a night before only, so that you are not fussing around searching for your admit card in the morning.

Note: It is compulsory to carry the Admit Card to the exam centre.  

Set an Alarm of 6

As said earlier, it is essential to take a good night sleep a day before the exam. You must take 8 hours of sleep. For the next morning, set an alarm for six or seven in the morning. It is important to sleep for reasonable hours.

Then, in the morning eat a hearty breakfast, and reach the exam centre on time.

Be on Time

Make sure you’ve got enough time to get fully-organized and get to school. Since it will be your first board exam it is important to be on time to check sitting arrangement.

There’s nothing worse than being entering the examination hall after everyone’s already started. Also, UP board is quite strict with exam timings. You may even get debarred if you reach late.

Examination Timing –

The UP board will conduct the exams in two sessions – morning (8.00 am – 11.15 am) and afternoon (2.00 pm – 05.15 pm) session.

Stay Away from Nervous People

Try not to talk to your classmates about the exam as it will only confuse. Everybody’s journey is different. Besides, it is not the time to think about anything. Do your best to avoid anxious people.

You can rather spend time on checking out your flash cards, formulas, study notes or anything else.

Make sure to go to toilet before finally sitting in the examination hall.

Believe in yourself

Be proud of yourself that, you’ve prepared for this day. And remember what you’ve got to look forward.

Stay cool and positive.

Tips during the 3 Hours of Exam

1. Read the Question Paper Carefully: Read the question paper carefully before attempting. Mark the question which you wish to attempt the first and which you should attempt the last.  

2. Clean Hand Writing: Your handwriting plays a pivotal role in providing good marks. Especially in theory subjects like English, Science or Hindi, try to write every word clearly and give proper spacing.

3. Attempt all the Questions: Start writing with your favorite section or the section you find easy. In the end, try to attempt difficult ones. But, don’t leave the answer sheet blank. Try to attempt the full paper.

4. Underline & Highlight Important Facts: Underlining or highlighting things makes it easier for the examiner to check the answer sheet. You can put formulas in the box or underline the main heading and sub-heading.

5. Don’t forget to read the Answer Sheet Again: After writing the complete question paper, make sure to once go through the entire answer sheet. Check from the first page to last.

Arrangements by UP Board

This year, the UP Board has done elaborate and adequate arrangements to conduct the board exams successfully in the state. The board is all set to commence board exam 2020 by conventional pen and paper method.

Check some of the arrangements done by board to help you sail smoothly through the exam days.

Anti-Noise Helpline “112 Number” to Help Students

This year, approximately 56 lakhs candidates are going to appear for UP class 10th and 12th board exam 2020 in the state. Therefore, it becomes utmost essential to provide students with a noise-free environment. To ensure students study in a noise-free and distraction-less environment, UP Police has launched a Special Anti-Noise Helpline.

The Anti-noise helpline which is available by dialing 112 is offered by the UP police to maintain a conducive environment in the state for students to focus on study.

To inform students about the anti-noise helpline number, UP Police has also invested in advertisements and awareness drives.

When to Dial Anti-Noise Helpline - 112?

UP Board Exam will be held simultaneously for both High School (class 10th) and Intermediate (class 12th) students.

Since its exam days in the state, if any student feels highly disturbed by loud noises coming from loudspeakers, drum-beating or continuous shouting or any other type of noise, then they can call on Anti-Noise Helpline number.

The UP police will register the complaint and get the noise issue resolved at earliest. The anti-noise helpline is currently active and would remain open for students to register complaints till 31st March 2020.

‘Quiet Zone’ Around Schools

Along with offering Anti-Noise Helpline, the UP Police have also declared the area of 100 meters around all the schools and educational buildings as ‘Quite Zone’.

Speaking on this novel initiative, Additional Director General of Police Aseem Arun said -

“Police will help if you (students) are disturbed by the noise during the studies. Police will take action if there is more noise than the prescribed limit. Legal action will also be taken for consistently violating the rules.”

UP Board Students’ Helpline

The UP Board has also launched a “Students’ helpline”. The helpline is aimed at helping students to resolve their examination related queries and ease the examination stress. The student’s helpline is active from 8 am to 8 pm every day. The class 10 and 12 students can call on this toll-free number to ask any exam-related query.

Student’s Helpline Toll Free Number:

1.      1800 180 5310

2.      1800 180 5312

UP Board Exam 2020

The Madhyamik Shiksha Parishad Uttar Pradesh, Prayagraj is India’s largest state-level education board. The board conducts High School and Intermediate level examination.

Established in the year 1921, the board also enjoys the title of Asia’s largest school education board in terms of the number of students taking the exam. The official website of the board is: http://upmsp[dot]edu[dot].in.

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By Arti Chauhan

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