CBSE Sample Papers | Class 12

CBSE Sample Papers for Class 12


The 12th board exam is an important milestone in our educational system. It defines our career and higher education preferences in a plethora of ways. There are a large number of students who compete every year in CBSE 12th board exam. It is obvious to expect a cut-throat competition and becomes essential to leave no stone unturned to excel in examination. Therefore, with this article we’ll emphasize why every 12th standard student MUST-SOLVE the CBSE Sample Paper for Class 12 to ace the examination.

Below is the link of the CBSE Sample Paper for Class 12 Subjectwise. Select subject to view the sample paper of the particular subject.

5 Tips to Effectively Utilize the CBSE Sample Papers

In general, students are scared of facing the examination question. Therefore, it is utmost essential to practice with the CBSE sample papers before going for final examination. This practice, no matter at home or in school, will prepare your psychologically to face the examination. Likewise, you should also solve the CBSE sample paper and previous year question papers. Practising last 5 years’ of question papers will make you aware of “ALL” the aspect of the examination. It will give you a fair idea of most frequently asked question, exam pattern, difficulty level and the marking distribution. Solving these questions will help boost your confidence to go for board exams fully prepared and with confidence.

Here are 5 Tips to Effectively Solve the Given Sample Papers :

  1. Students must solve sample papers by creating similar examination conditions, in your home or at school.
  2. It should be solved within the specified time limit i.e. 3 hours.
  3. Do not look for answers while attempting the question paper. If you do not know the answer of any question, then, skip the question and move to next.
  4. In the last 15 minutes of the examination, make sure to revise the entire answer sheet, for any silly mistakes.
  5. Lastly, If you are practising at home - Give your self-marks without bias. Make sure to practice again those questions of which you were not sure of, and learn and re-write them again for gratification.

These sample papers will help reveal your areas of strength and weakness and will prepare you to write the board examination with confidence.

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