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How to crack JEE Mains 2019 in 3 Days : Best Tips for JEE Mains 2019 Preparations

JEE Mains Paper 2 is on 8th January 2019. Candidates have 3 days left for the exams. Paper 2 is for BArch course which includes subjects like Maths , Aptitude and Drawing Section. Maths and Aptitude Examinations is in online mode and Drawing Section is in offline pen paper mode. As we know JEE Mains examinations is few days away. It usually happens that math formulas , theory , and equations sleep from the mind. Last days for exam is a very crucial stage for preparations. In this time Candidates should utilize their time by doing proper study , revise formulas and solving the Sample Paper.

Last Days Before Exams : Only Revision matters

JEE Mains Paper 2 Architecture

Exam Conducting InstituteNTA
Total Exam Duration3 Hours
Difficulty Level Of PaperHigh
Admitting Institutes For Architecture and Planning Programs in NITs and GFTIs

Paper Pattern

Mathematics30 questions120 marks
Aptitude50 questions200 marks
Drawing Test2 questions70 marks

JEE Mains 2019 (Paper 1 and Paper 2) Both the papers are conducted by NTA. Paper 2 is for B.Arch courses which includes subject like Mathematics which consists of 30 questions each questions is of 4 marks. Mathematics is of 120 marks. In Mathematics Algebra has more weightage than Calculus. From Algebra Section 14-15 questions come in Algebra. The question level of Mathematics for Paper 2 is same as that of Paper 1 Maths. Total Exam duration is of 3 hours and the overall difficulty level of the questions is very high. The Mathematics and Aptitude will be conducted online and in computer based mode. And Drawing test is subjective paper and it is offline paper (pen paper mode).

Key points which should be done during last days before examinations.

  1. Revision :

    Candidates should do revision in the last days of the JEE Mains Preparations. Important formulas , Important topics and short notes which should be made by Candidates for preparations. Use the short notes for revision. This will help them to analyze the topics in which they are weak in.

  2. Practice Mock Test :

    Practising Mock test paper is also important step to prepare for exams. Candidates should practise these question paper. This will help them to analyze the pattern of questions . Practise makes everything perfect. So Practise more and more questions and it will develop the problem solving skills and score good marks in examinations. As it is the first time that JEE Mains is conducting test online (Computer Based Test). So it is very important to give the test online which will help Candidates in understanding the exam pattern. Practising Mock Test online helps students to get used to the Computer Based Mode examinations. After the mock test the Candidates will get to know their strong and weak areas. And the marks obtained in the Mock Test examinations will help them to analyze that how much marks they will score in the examinations.

  3. Go through the JEE Mains Sample Paper :

    Candidates should practise JEE Mains Sample Paper on a daily basis. Practising more and more questions will increase the speed , efficiency of solving the questions and help them to understand the pattern of questions that which type of questions come in an exams.

  4. Maintain the Speed and Accuracy :

    Candidates should maintain the speed and accuracy of exams. Instead of focussing on new topics , they should focus on how to score more marks in exams. JEE Mains mains includes subjects Physics , Chemistry , Maths each consists of 30 questions. 4 marks will be given for each correct answer and -1 marks will be deducted for incorrect answer. The duration of exams is 180 mins 3 hours. So Candidates should maintain the speed and accuracy so that they can solve maximum questions in the given time limit. If Candidates get stuck in any difficult questions leave that questions and move to next questions. Dont get stuck in any questions.

  5. Don't touch new books or new topics :

    Few days left for JEE Mains, so Candidates are advised not to touch the new books or new topics. It will be wastage of time and create depressions , and low confidence in mind . So Revise the topics and fomulas which you have been studied earlier.

  6. Make a Short note :

    Instead of revising or reading whole book. Candidate should make short notes which would help in revision for exams preparations. As short notes includes all the important points of the Chapter. So focus on the short notes for revision rather than the whole book. It will save lots of time during exams. While reading the books the Candidates can also highlight the lines which they think it is important. Highlighting lines will save time during revision

  7. Proper Sleep :

    Candidates should make a proper sleep during exam time. They should sleep atleast 8-9 hours a day before exams. Candidates need to feel fresh at the time of exams and it will be only possible is they get sufficient rests and proper sleep before examinations.

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