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JEE Mains 2019 : Last 48 hours Left

Few hours left for JEE Mains 2019 : Revise Smartly

JEE Mains 2019 is left for 2 days. So Candidates need to focus on the subjects and revise smartly. As Maths is the toughtest and also scoring subjects if Candidates have good command on it. To Score More marks in Maths, Practice is only important for the examination point of view. Maths comes only through Practice. So Candidates need to practice the questions and Previous year papers to score more marks in exams. Watch this video in which it is explained how to to revise complete syllabus for in Last 48 hours.

Here in this article it is explained which sections are important for JEE Mains Preparations in Maths . Complete list of Chapters having more weightage in exams in which type of questions and topics are given which are important for exam point of view. Check the complete list of Class 12 in which important topics are given :-

Class 12

Relations and FunctionsEquivalence Relation : One-one/Many-one/Intp/Onto/Bijective/Surjective
MatricesInverse of Matrix , Definition of Special Matrices
DeterminantsNo of Solutions
Continuity and DifferentiabilityCheck Continuity and Differentiability
Application of DerivativesMean Value Theorem / Local Maxima and Minima Check
Application of Integrals Area formed by Line , Axis and Curve like Circle , Parabola , Ellipse , Exponential
Three Dimensional GeometryCoplanarity Check, Mirror Image of Point in line or Plane, Angle Between a Line and Plane (complex)
Linear Programming No Questions
ProbabilityDice and Coin Problem

Class 11

Sets A X B , Venn Diagram
Quadratic Equations One Common Root, Roots between two given values
Complex NumbersDe Moivres Theorem , Sum of roots, Ratio of two term is given , Determine n.
Binomial TheoremSum of cofficients, Term with no Variable
Sequence & SeriesAP and GP
Straight Lines Important Point of Triangles, Angle Bisector of two Lines , Family of Lines L1+cL2=θ
Conic SectionsDefinition of Parabola , Circle , Ellipse (Eccintricity , Directrix , Focus , Latus Ractum), Parametric Form of Tangents
Limits & Derivatives Limit of the form 1 to the power infinity , 0 to the power infinity , 0/0 and infinity / infinity
Mathematical Reasoning Previous Year questions
StatisticsMean and Variance Combinations

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