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Weightage of Chemistry in JEE Mains 2019

Chemistry is one of the scoring subjects in JEE Mains 2019 exams if you are good at it. It will helps you to get good marks in examinations in lesser time. As we know Chemistry is divided into three sections : Physical Chemistry , Organic Chemistry , Inorganic Chemistry etc. So Candidates need to focus on all the three sections of the Subject Chemistry. t is generally seen that some topics of the Chapters are given more weightage in accordance with their importance in exams while learning etc. Students, who know which topics are more important and which less, can focus accordingly. As JEE Mains is one of the most important exams for all the Candidates of our country. It is organised to provide admissions to various prestigious institutions of India for various courses like Unidergraduate , Post graduate for different branches. So Before preparing the exams Candidates should focus on Marking Scheme and Weightage of chapters from each subjects . Here we will first see the Classwise distribution of questions from last 5 years

Class 111514151011
Class 121516152019
Total Questions3030303030
Exam LevelMediumDifficultEasyEasyEasy

As you can see the weightage marks Classwise of Chemistry In 2014 and 2015 the weightage of Class 12 is more than that of Class 11. But from the last 3 year the weightage of marks in Chemistry from both the classes is almost same. So from the above table Candidates should focus on both the Classes. They should give equal importance to Class 11 and 12. And if we talk about Sectionwise weightage marks then Here Candidates can check here from the table :

Physical Chemistry111281012
Organic Chemistry10111099
Inorganic Chemistry9712119

From the given table Candidates will analyze where to focus...How to prepare..? How much time they should give on each sections of Chemistry. for preparation of JEE Mains 2019 Exams? But they should give equal time to all the three sections because all are important for examination point of view. After that we will see the chapterwise weightage from each sections of Chemistry.First About Physical Chemistry it will be discussed :-

Inorganic Chemistry

Periodic Table111
Chemical Bonding42223
d & f block 212
Qualitative Analysis1112
Coordination Compound21211

Organic Chemistry

General Organic Chemistry21222
Alkyl Hallide, Alcohal & Ether242
Aromatic Compounds2111
Grignard Reagents, Reduction, Oxydation & Hydrolysis 111
Practical Organic Chemistry1233
Environmental Chemistry111
Polymer, Amino Acid & Carbohydrate1111
Carbonyl Compounds1

Physical Chemistry

Mole Concept312
Atomic Structure1111
Gaseous State111
Chemical Equilibrium111
Ionic Equilibrium4
Thermodynamics and Thermochemistry12111
Chemical Kinetics11111
Solid State1111
Solutions and Colligative Properties11111
Surface Chemistry122

In the Physical Chemistry Chapter Mole Concept is one of the most important chapters for examination point of view although questions doesnot come from this chapter but it is related to most of the chapters like Gaseous State, Chemical and Ionic Equillibrium , and Electrochemistry so it is considered important chapters.And concepts of Solutions & Colligative mole concepts are also present. And Chapter Thermodynamics & Thermochemistry also is one of the important chapters it is included in both Physics and Chemistry. Every year 4 marks of this chapter comes in Physics and Chemistry so if you will go through the chapter thoroughly then you will get 8 marks completely. In Chapter Chemical Kinetica each year one question is coming as you can see in the table ... so probably 1 question of 4 marks will come in this year.

If talking about Electrochemistry then it is most important chapters for the Boards examination point of view. Although only in year 2014 3 questions have come but after that only 1 question used to come. So we can expect 1 question from the Chapter Electrochemistry. Solid State is also important chapter and if students have good imagination power then they can solve the questions of the given chapter easily. Now for the chapter Surface Chemistry , NCERT book is sufficient for the preparations. Students should follow the NCERT book for the Chapter Surface Chemistry. And the Chapter Solutions and Colligative Properties... the level of the question is moderate and difficult as tricky questions used to come in exams.So Students should practise the questions properly by revising all the properties of the chapter.

Class 11 chapters :- Gaseous State and Chemical Equillibrium is easiest and scoring chapter of Physical Chemistry.So first students should understand the logic and then solve the questions accordingly. Ionic Equillibrium last year 4 questions had come so students should also focu on this chapter.

In this way we should manage our time table and focus on all the chapters equally as distribution of time on all the chapters should be equal.Because all the important for examination point of view.

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