Weightage of Maths in JEE Mains 2019

JEE Mains is an important exams for all the aspirants of our country as it is a gateway to most prestigious institutions of India. One of the most important factors that should be done before preparation of exams. Candidates should know about the exam pattern , Chapterwise weightage of subjects in JEE Mains , Syllabus etc. This will help them to get an idea that which type of questions usually comes in an exam? and What are the pattern of questions etc... which will help them in preparation of exams. Some topics will be given more weightage in accordance with the importance while learning. Students will get to know which topics are more important for exams and which one is less important can focus on the topics by analyzing the difficulty level and weightage. Here in this video it is explained that from last 5 year what are the weightage of Chapters in each subjects in JEE Mains. Then on the basis of last 5 years it is we can expect the questions type and weightage that from which topics and Chapters questions can come in an exams.

Check here the table where overall distribution of marks is given in Maths subject of both Classes Class 11 and Class 12.

Coordinate Geometry6455626
Vector & 3D Geometry3333315

Maths is divided into 5 sections like Calculus , Coordinate Geometry , Algebra , Vector & 3D Geometry and Trigonometry. All Maths topics of JEE Mains are important but as Candidates can see in the table about 8-9 questions from Calculus come in an examinations every year. Coordinate Geometry 5-6 questions come in exams. In Algebra Section every year 11 questions come from the given topics. Total 3 questions used to come from the chapter Vector & 3D Geometry. and from trigonometry sections 2 questions come every year..so focus on all the topics of maths. As maths is scoring subjects. So Candidates should practise the maths questions regularly. Practise makes the thing perfect.so By practising the questions regularly Students will get to know the question pattern and this will help them to score more marks in examinations.

Now we will go indepth to go through all the sections of Maths ...Now start with the section Coordinate Geometry

Straight Line21122

Coordinate Geometry is divided into 5 sections because the difficulty level of the questions is increasing year by year. So it is important to study the conic sections of the Coordinate Geometry properly. From straight line the level of question is easy-medium but in case of Conic sections like Parabola , Ellipse , Hyperbola , the level of questions is high so it is advised the students to study the conic section properly

Now take a look on the other sections of Maths i.e. Vecror and 3D Geometry

3D Geometry22222

3D Geometry and Vectors are also important chapters for examinations point of views. Every year 2 question from 3D Geometry and 1 question from Vectors used to come. So we are expecting the same pattern will be followed in 2019 as well. The level of questions is easy from both the chapters.

Now we will discuss on the 3rd and most important section of Maths ie Calculus ...Here is the table in which we have mentioned about the chapterwise weightage of marks from Calculus.

Application of Derivatives12112
Application of Integrals11111
Indefinite Integrals11111
Limits and Derivatives11221
Continuity and Differentiability111
Definite Integral1111
Differential Equations11111

As students can see that every year one question always come from the chapters Application of Integral : Area Under the Curve , Indefinite Integral, Definite Integrals , Differential Equations etc. So focus on all these chapters and then coming towards the Application of Derivative and Limits & Derivatives every year 1-2 questions used to come each year. In Application of Derivative only maxima and minima type of questions used to come in exams. So as you can see ITF and Differentiation are having low weightage but Cnadidates should also focus on thses chapters also because theses are also important for Boards and Enigineeringh examinations point of view. Now we will discuss about the most important sections of Maths i.e. Algebra ..As you can see in the given table Algebra Section is divided into 11 chapters like Determinants , Matrices , Mathematical Reasoning , Binomial Theorem , Permutations & Combinations ,etc. Take a look in the table and analyze what is the weightage of marks from each chapters of Algebra Section.

Mathematical Reasoning11111
Binomical Theorem11111
Permutations and Combinations1111
Quadratic Equations11111
Sequence and Series21223
Complex Number1111

As Students can see the weightage of marks for all the section of Maths which is important in preparation of exams. Candidates should have an idea of exam pattern ie question pattern , syllabus and marking scheme or weightage so that they will get to know about the no. questions , pattern of questions , difficulty level of questions. For this they should also practise these previous year papers. This will help them to develop the questions solving skills and this help them to boost the level of confidence and thus they will be able to solve the difficult questions also.

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