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NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Maths : Areas Related To Circles

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NCERT Class 10 | AREAS RELATED TO CIRCLES | Exercise 03 | Question No. 09

In Fig. 12.27, AB and CD are two diameters of a circle (with centre O) perpendicular to each other and OD is the diameter of the smaller circle. If `O A=7"\ "c m` , find the area of the shaded region

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NCERT Class 10 | AREAS RELATED TO CIRCLES | Exercise 03 | Question No. 08

Fig. 12.26 depicts a racing track whose left and right ends are  semicircular. The distance between the two inner parallel line segments is 60 m and they are each 106 m long. If the track is 10 m wide, find : (i) the distance around the track along its inner edge (ii) the area of the track.

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NCERT Class 10 | AREAS RELATED TO CIRCLES | Exercise 03 | Question No. 07

In Fig. 12.25, ABCD is a square of side 14 cm. With centres A, B, C and D, four circles are drawn such that each circle touch externally two of the remaining three circles. Find the area of the shaded region.

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NCERT Class 10 | AREAS RELATED TO CIRCLES | Exercise 03 | Question No. 06

In a circular table cover of radius 32 cm, a design is formed leaving an equilateral triangle ABC in the middle as shown in Fig. 12.24. Find the area of the design (shaded region).

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NCERT Class 10 | AREAS RELATED TO CIRCLES | Exercise 02 | Question No. 14

Tick the correct answer in the following: Area of a sector of angle p (in degrees) of a circle with radius R is (A) `(p/180) xx 2 pi R""`( B )`(p/180) xx pi R^2"" `( C)`(p/360) xx 2 pi R"" ` (D) `(p/720) xx 2 pi R^2`

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Get here free, accurate and comprehensive NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Maths Areas Related To Circles which have been reviewed by our maths counsellors as per the latest edition following up the CBSE guidelines. We provide video solutions in which solutions to all the questions of NCERT Class 10 Maths textbook are explained in step by step and detailed way.

The Topics of the Chapter Areas Related To Circles are :







It contains these exercises along with solved examples. All the exercises are solved in the video. Select the exercise to view the solutions exercisewise of the Chapter Areas Related To Circles:

NCERT Solutions Class 10 Maths Chapter Areas Related To Circles Exercises:

We have covered all the exercises and also Solved examples in the videos. Along with the practise exercise Students should also practise solved examples to clear the concepts of the Areas Related To Circles. If incase you have any doubt you can watch the solutions for the given questions.Watch the solutions for the given questions in which it is also explained in the video steps to solve the questions along with answers.

In this chapter, we will learn about Areas related to Circle. Area and circumference of circles plays an important role in some of our everyday functions. The amount of space occupied by a two-dimensional figure is called Area, and it is measured in units squared. Most geometrical shapes require a formula to determine area, and circles are no exception. The area of a circle can be calculated by using the formula, A=πr2 . Here, topics like perimeter and area of a circle, areas of sector and segment of a circle as well as areas of combinations of plane figures will be discussed. On that note, Doubtnut provides that proves to be quite useful to the students in getting the right idea about it.

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Topics and subtopics included in NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Maths Chapter 12 Areas related to Circles


In our daily life, we come across many objects that are related to the circular shape. Some of them are drain covers, cycle wheels, brooches, circular paths, etc. Thus, it is very important to find the perimeters and areas that are related to circular figures. Here, we will find out how to find the areas of different combinations of plane figures that involves circles or their parts.

Perimeter and Area of a Circle

You have learned that perimeter is the distance which is covered by traveling once around in a circle. A constant ration is beard by the circumference of a circle with its diameter. The Greek letter π(pie) denoted this constant ratio.

So, circumference = π


or, circumference = π x diameter

                            = π x2r (r being the radius of the circle)

                            = 2πr

We generally take the value of π as 22 or 3.14


Area of a circle is πr2. Let’s look at an example:  


Class 10 Chapter 12 Areas related to Circles Perimeter and Area of a Circle

Here, you can find that the figure (ii) has got a length ½ x 2πr along with the breadth r. So, here, the area of the circle = ½ x 2πr x r = πr2.  Let’s take another example to get the best idea about it.

In order to fence a circular field at the rate of Rs 24 per meter, the cost comes to Rs 5280. The field which needs to be ploughed should be at the rate of Rs 0.50 per m2. Now you need to find the cost of ploughing the field.

Solution: Length of the fence = Total cost = 5280 = 220

                                                  Rate         24

So, circumference of the field = 220m

If we take r metres as the radius of the field then,

                                 2πr = 220

Or                            2 x 22 x r = 220   


Or                            r = 220 x 7 = 35

                                      2 x 22  

i.e. radius of the field is 35m

So, area of the field =πr2 = 22 x 35 x 35,m2 = 22 x 5 x 35m2


Now the cost of ploughing 1m2 of the field= Rs 0.50

So, total cost of ploughing the field = Rs 22 x 5 x 35 x 0.50 = Rs 1925

Areas of Sector and Segment of a Circle

In your earlier classes, you have learned about sector and segment. Well, look at this figure below:

Class 10 Chapter 12 Areas related to Circles Sector

Look at the shaded region OAPB. This happens to be a sector of the circle with centre O. The angle of the sector is AOB. OAPB is called the minor sector and OAQB is called the major sector. It can be clearly seen that the angle of the major sector is 360° – AOB.

Now look at another figure below:

         Class 10 Chapter 12 Areas related to Circles Segment


Here, you can find that the shaded region APB is a segment of the circle.  So, APB is known as the minor segment while the major segment is AQB.

    Now we will try to find some relations so as to make the calculation of their areas.

        Class 10 Chapter 12 Areas related to Circles Sector and Segment of a Circle

Let OAPB be a sector of a circle where O and r are centre and radius respectively. We will assume that AOB be θ. So, as we know that area of a circle is πr2

So, it can be considered that this circular region is a sector that forms an angle of 3600. When we apply the Unitary Method, we get:

At 3600 measure of the angle, the area of the sector = πr2

When the centre is 1, the area of the sector = πr2


When the centre is 0, the area of the sector = πr2 x θ= θ x πr2

                                                                        360       360


So, we obtain the following formula or relation for area of a sector of a circle:

 Area of the sector of angle θ = θ x πr2


Here r and θ are the radius and angle respectively.

Areas of Combinations of Plane Figures

We have learned as to how it is possible to calculate the areas of different figures separately.

          Class 10 Chapter 12 Areas related to Circles Combinations of Plane Figures

In the figure above, there are two circular flower beds on two sides of a square lawn ABCD of side 56 m. You need to find the sum of the areas of the lawn and the flower beds with the point of intersection O.

Solution: Total area = Area of sector OAB + Area of sector ODC

                                  + Area of ∆ OAD + Area of ∆ OBC

= (90 x 22 x 28 x 56 x 90 x 22 x 28 x 56 + 1 x 56 x 56 + 1 x 56 x 56) m2

                         360   7                   360   7                    4                   4


                                = 1 x 28 x 56(22 + 22 +2 + 2) m2

                                   4                 7      7

                               = 7 x 56 (22 + 22 + 14 + 14) m2  


                               = 56 x 72 m2

                               = 4032 m2

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