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NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Maths : Exponents And Powers

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NCERT Class 8 | EXPONENTS AND POWERS | Exercise 02 | Question No. 04

In a stack there are 5 books each of thickness 20mm and 5 paper sheets each of thickness 0.016 mm. What is the total thickness of the stack.

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NCERT Class 8 | EXPONENTS AND POWERS | Exercise 01 | Question No. 05

Find the value of m for which `5^m -: 5^(-3) = 5^5`.

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NCERT Class 8 | EXPONENTS AND POWERS | Exercise 01 | Question No. 03

Find the value of. (i) `(3^@+4^(-1)) xx 2^2` (ii) `(2^(-1)xx 4^(-1))-: 2^(-1)` (iii) `(1/2)^-2 + (1/3)^-2 + (1/4)^-2` (iv) `(3^-1 + 4^-1+ 5^(-1))^0` (v) `{((-2)/3)^-2}^2`

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NCERT Class 8 | EXPONENTS AND POWERS | Exercise 02 | Question No. 02

Express the following numbers in usual form. (i) `3.02 xx 10^-6` (ii) `45 xx 10^4` (iii) `3 xx 10(-8)` (iv) `10001 xx 10^9` (v) `58 xx 10^12` (vi) `361492 xx 10^6`

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NCERT Class 8 | EXPONENTS AND POWERS | Exercise 01 | Question No. 04

Evaluate (i) `(8^-1 xx 5^3)/(2^-4)` (ii) `(5^-1 xx 2^-1) xx 6^-1`

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The Topics of the Chapter Exponents And Powers are :





It contains these exercises along with solved examples. All the exercises are solved in the video. Select the exercise to view the solutions exercisewise of the Chapter Exponents And Powers:

NCERT Solutions Class 8 Maths Chapter Exponents And Powers Exercises:

We have covered all the exercises and also Solved examples in the videos. Along with the practise exercise Students should also practise solved examples to clear the concepts of the Exponents And Powers. If incase you have any doubt you can watch the solutions for the given questions.Watch the solutions for the given questions in which it is also explained in the video steps to solve the questions along with answers.

NCERT Class 8 Maths Solutions Chapter 12 Exponents and Powers                       

Strengthening the students towards the foundation of Exponents and Powers has been included in this chapter.  Topics like Powers with Negative Exponents, use of Exponents, Comparing very large numbers and very small numbers, etc. have been discussed in this chapter. Every topic is explained with an example that proves to be quite useful for the students to get the perfect idea about it. It has also been made quite simple by the experts of Doubtnut so that it does not lead to any sort of problem in understanding the different topics in the best way. So, it helps a lot for the students in getting all the right and clear knowledge about Exponents and Powers.

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Topics and subtopics included in NCERT Class 8 Maths Solutions Chapter 12 Exponents and Powers


It is a known fact that the mass of Earth is 5,970,000,000,000, 000, 000, 000, 000 kg. In our earlier class, we have learned how to make use of components in order to write such large numbers. So, we write according to the use of components as 5.97 x 1024 kg.  Here, 10 is considered to be the base while 24 is the exponent. So, 1024 is read as 10 raised to the power 24.

It is clearly known that   27 = 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2

And                                  2m = 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x…. (m times)

Powers with Negative Exponents

Let’s look at this:

102 = 10 × 10 = 100

101 = 10 = 100/10

100 = 1 = 10/10

10– 1 = 1/10


10– 2 = 1/10/10 = 1/10 x 1/10 = 1/100 = 1/102

10– 3 = 1/100 / 10 = 1/100 x 1/10 =1/1000 = 1/103

Laws of Exponents

It is to be noted that for any non-integer a, am x an = am+n where m and n are natural numbers.

Let us take (-3)-4 x (-3)-3

(-3)-4 x (-3)-3 = 1/(-3)-4  x 1/(-3)-3

                         = 1/(-3)-4 x (-3)-3

             = 1/(-3)-4+3                                

             = (-3)-7                                        

Use of Exponents to Express Small Numbers in Standard Form

Let’s observe the following:

      • The size of a plant cell is 0.00001275m.
      • The average diameter of a Red Blood Cell is 0.000007 mm.
      • The speed of light is 300,000,000m/sec
      • Thickness of a piece of paper is 0.0016 cm.
      • Thickness of Class VIII Mathematics book is 30 mm
      • Average radius of the Sun is 695000 km.

You have realized that there are numbers which are very small like 0.0016 cm, 30mm, etc while there are others which are larger like 6950000.   Now let us express the large number 300,000,000 as 3 x 108

On the other hand, let us try 0.000007 mm in standard form:

0.000007 = 7/1000000 = 7/106 = 7 x 10-6m

Comparing very large and very small numbers

When we need to add numbers in standard form, it is important to convert them into numbers with the same exponents.

Mass of the Earth is 5.97 x 1024 kg where the mass of moon is 7.35 x 1022 kg. Now, what would be the total mass?

Total mass = 5.97 × 1024 kg + 7.35 × 1022 kg.

       = 5.97 × 100 × 1022 + 7.35 × 1022

       = 597 × 1022 + 7.35 × 1022

       = (597 + 7.35) × 1022

            = 604.35 × 1022 kg.

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