Water and dissolved minerals get into the root hair of a plant by a process called A and enter the conducting tissue B. The C helps the water and dissolved minerals to move up through the tissue B in roots and stem, and reach the leaves of a plant. In the leaves food is made by a process D. This food is then transported to all the parts of a plant through tissue E. The process of distributing food made in the leaves to all the parts of the plant is called F. <br> (a) What are (i) A (ii) B (iii) C (iv) E, and (iv) F ? <br> (b) Which tissue is made up of living cells : B or E ? <br> (c) Name one substance (other than oxygen) which is transported by tissue A in the human body. <br> (d) Which two components of tissue A are the cells without nucleus ? <br> (e) Name any two organisms (animals) which do not have liquid like A in their body.

Question from  Class 10  Chapter Life Processes

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Answer :
(a) (i) Diffusion (ii) Xylem (iii) Transpiration (iv) Photosynthesis (v) Phloem (vi) Translocation (b) E (c) E (d) B

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