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A container of 2 litre contain 4 moles of N_(2)O_(5). On heating to 100^(@)C, N_(2)O_(5) undergoes complete dissociation to NO_(2) and O_(2). If rate constant for decomposition of N_(2)O_(5) is 6.2xx10^(-4) sec^(-1), select the correct statements:

Question from  Class 12  Chapter Chemical Kinetics

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Answer Text

(a) The mole ratio before and after dissociation is `4:2`(b) The time required to complete `40%` of reaction is `824 sec`(c ) `t_(1//2)` of `N_(2)O_(5)` is `1117.7` sec and it is independent of temperature(d) If volume of container is doubled, the rate of decomposition becomes half of the initial rate

Answer :
b, c, d
Solution :
`{:(,N_(2)O_(5),rarr,2NO_(2),+,1/2O_(2)),("Initial mole",4,,0,,0),("After diss. mole",0,,8,,2):}` <br> `:.` Mole ratio`=4/10=2:5` <br> `t_(1//2)=0.693/K=0.693/(6.2xx10^(-4))=1117.7 sec` <br> But it depends upon temp. as `K` depends upon `T`. <br> `t_(40%)=2.303/(6.2xx10^(-4))"log"100/((100-40))` <br> `=824 sec` <br> Rate `r_(1)=K [N_(2)O_(5)]`, If `V` is double the concentration becomes half. <br> `:. r_(2)=Kxx1/2[N_(2)O_(5)]` <br> `:. r_(1)/r_(2)=2/1`

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