A real gas obeying van der Waal equation will resemble ideal gas if the

Question from  Class 11  Chapter State Of Matter (Gaseous And Liquid State)

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constant `a` and `b` are small`a` is large and `b` is small`a` is small and `b` is largeconstant `a` and `b` are large

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According to van der Waal's equation `(p + (a)/(V^(2))) (V - b) = RT` for one mole of the gas. <br> Obviously if `a` and `b` are small, `a//V^(2)` and `b` can be neglected as compared to P and V and the equation reudces to `PV = RT :.` A real gas will resemble an ideal gas when constant `a` and `b` are small

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