Percent of solute: Calculate the mass of calcium suphate (CaSO_(4)) contained in 200g of a 6.00% solution of CaSO_(4) <br> Strategy: Percent infromation means the solution contains 6.00g fo CaSO_(4) per 100g of solution. To solve the problem, we can use either unitary method or Eq (1.16) or construct a unit factor.

Question from  Class 11  Chapter Some Basic Concepts Of Chemistry

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Solution :
(i) Unitary method: <br> `100g` solution contains `6.00g CaSO_(4)` <br> `1g` solution contains `(6.00)/(100)g CaSO_(4)` <br> `200g` solution contains `(6.00)/(100) xx 200g CaSO_(4)` <br> `= 12.0g CaSO_(4)` <br> (ii) Using Eq (1.16) <br> Percent solute `= ("Mass of solute")/("Mass of solution") xx100%` <br> `:.` Mass of solute `= (("Percent solute") xx ("Mass of solution"))/(100%)` <br> `= ((6.00%) (200g))/(100%) = 120g CaSO_(4)` <br> (iii) Factor-label method <br> `?g CaSO_(4) = 200g "soln" xx (6.00g CaSO_(4))/(100g "soln".) = 12.0g CaSO_(4)`

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