The correct statements (s) about Cr^(2+) and Mn^(3)is(are) [Atomic numbers of Cr= 24 and Mn= 25]

Question from  Class 12  Chapter D- And F-Block Elements

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Answer Text

`Cr^(2+)` is a reducing agent`Mn^(3+0` is an oxidizing agentBoth `Cr^(2+)` and `Mn^(3+)` exhibit `d^(4)`electronic configurationWhen `Cr^(2+)` is used as a reducing agent, the chromium ion attains `d^(5)` configuration

Solution :
(a) `Cr^(2+)` is a reducing agent as it gets oxidizd to `Cr^(3+) ( 3d^(3)` or `t_(2g)^(3)` which is a stable half-filled configuration) <br> (b) `Mn^(3+)` is an oxidizing agent as it gets reduced to `Mn^(2+)( 3d^(5)` which is more stable half-filled configuration ). <br> (c ) `Cr( 24) = 3d^(4) 4s^(2) :. Cr^(2+ ) = 3d^(4)` <br> `Mn(25) = 3d^(5) 4s^(2) :. Mn^(3+) = 3d^(4)` <br> Thus, both `Cr^(2+)` and `Mn^(3+)` have `d^(4)` electronic configuration . <br> (d) When `Cr^(2+)` is used as a reducing agent, it is oxidized to `Cr^(3+)` which has `d^(3)` and not `d^(5)` configuration.

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