The ionisation enthalpy of hydrogen atom is 1.312xx10^(6)J*mol^(-1). The energy required to excited the electron in the atom from n=1 to n=2 is-

Question from  Class 11  Chapter Atomic Structure

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`8.51 xx 10^5 J mol^-1``6.56 xx 10^5 J mol^-1``7.56 xx 10^5 J mol^-1``9.84 xx 10^5 J mol^-1`

Answer :
Solution :
(d) `Delta E = E_2 - E_1 = - (E_1)/(2^2) + (E_1)/(l^2)` <br> =`-(1.312 xx 10^6)/(2^2) + 1.312 xx 10^6` <br> =`9.84 xx 10^5 J mol^-1`.

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