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A bird is flying towards north with a velocity 40 km h^-1 and a train is moving with velocity 40 km h^-1 towards east. What is the velocity of the bird boted by a man in the train ?

Question from  Class 11  Chapter Kinematics-2

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`40 sqrt(2) km h^-1 N - E``40 sqrt(2) km h^-1 S - E``40 sqrt(2) km h^-1 N - W``40 sqrt(2) km h^-1 S - W`

Answer :
Solution :
(c ) To find the relative velocity of bird w.r.t. train, superimpose velocity `-vec V_T` on both the objects. Now as a result of it, the train is at rest, while the bird possesses two velocities, `vec V_B` towards north and `-vec V_T` along west. <br> `|vec V_(B T)| = sqrt(|vec V_B|^2 + |- vec V_T|^2))` [By formula, `theta = 90^@`] <br> =`sqrt(40^2 + 40^2) = 40 sqrt(2) km h^-1` north - west. <br> (a) <img src="" width="80%">,

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