A uniform field of 2.0 NC^(-1) exists in space in x direction (a) Taking the potential at the origin to be zero, write an experssion for the potential at a general point (x,y,z). (b) At which points, the potential is 25V ? ( c) If the potential at the origin is taken to be 100V , what will be the expression for the potential at a general point? (d) What will be the potential at the origin if the potential at infinity is taken to be zero ? Is it parctical to choose the potential at infinity to be zero?

Question from  Class 12  Chapter Electric Field And Potential

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Solution :
`(a) E=2N//C in x-direction ` <br> Potential at the origin is '0' <br> ` dV=-exdx-eydy-ezdz ` <br> ` rArr v-0=-2x rArr v=-2x ` <br> ` (b) (250-0)=-2x ` <br> ` rArr x=25/-2=-12.5m ` <br> (c) If potential at the origin is 100V <br> ` V-100=-2x ` <br> ` rArr V=-2x+100=100-2x ` <br> ` (d) Potential at general point is v'-V=-2x ` <br> ` ~ v'=v+2x=0+2 ` <br> Potential at origin is zero it is not practical to take potential at to be zero (Infinity)

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