The table below shows object and image distances for four objects placed in front of mirrors. For which one is the image formed by a convex spherical mirror? [Positive and negative signs are used in accordance with standard sign convention]

Question from  Class 12  Chapter Geometrical Optics

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Object distance Image distance `-7.10cm` `-18.0cm`Object distance Image distance `-25.0cm` `-16.7cm`Object distance Image distance `-5.0cm` `+1.0cm`Object distance Image distance `-20.0cm` `+5.71cm`

Answer :
Solution :
For (a) and (b), object and image are on the same side, so image is real as the object is real. <br> For (c), image is virtual but `|m|gt1`. So, concave mirror. <br> For (d), `|m|lt1` and image is also virtual, so in (d) image is formed in a convex mirror.

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