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7^(2n)+2^(3n-3)*3^(n-1) is divisible by 25

Question from  Class 11  Chapter Principle Of Mathematical Induction

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Answer Text

Solution :
by appliying the mathematical induction formula, <br> we have, `(7^2)^n + (2^3)^(n-1) * 3^(n-1)` <br> `(49)^n + (8)^(n-1).3^(n-1)` <br> `49^n + 24^(n-1)` <br> `(50-1)^n + (25-1)^(n-1)` <br> `.^nC_0*(50)^n - .^nC_1(50)^(n-1) .....................- .^(n-1)C_(n-1)*(-1)^(n-1) ` <br> `25k + (-1)^n + (-1)^(n-1)` <br> now, if n= odd then n-1 = even and if n= even then n-1 = odd therefore the term ` underbrace((-1)^n + (-1)^(n-1) )` is always going to be zero (0) therefore, the equation will be as = 25k so, it is divisible by 25.

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