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A, B and C can complete a work separately in 24, 36 and 48 days respectively. They started together but C left after 4 days of start and A left 3 days before the completion of the work. In how many days will the work be completed ? 15\ d a y s b. 22\ d a y s c. 25\ \ d a y s d. 35\ d a y s

Question from  Class 14  Chapter Time And Work

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Solution :
LCM of 24,36 and 48 is 144.<br> so let the work be of eating 144 chocolates.<br> A eats 6 chocolates per day, B eats 4 chocolates per day and C eats 3 chocolates per day.<br> Together they will eat 13 chocolates per day.<br> they worked for 4 days together so they ate=13 x4=52 chocolates<br> Number of chocolates left=144-52=92<br> A left 3 days before completion so B had to work alone, so he ate =3x4=12chocolates alone<br> number of chocolates left =92-12=80 chocolates<br> A and B eat 10 chocolates together so tehy took 8 days when they were together.<br> THus the work will be completed in=4+8+3=15 days.

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