(a) Find the value of sqrt(324)/sqrt(1225) (b) Find the value of sqrt(4(37)/(81)) (c ) Find the value of sqrt(0.0256) (d) Find the value of sqrt(52.2729)

Question from  Class 8  Chapter Squares And Square Roots And Cubes And Cube Roots

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Solution :
(a) `sqrt(324)/(1225)=(sqrt(324))/(sqrt(1225))` <br> By prime factorisation method we can find `sqrt(324)` and `sqrt(1225)` <br> `sqrt(324) = sqrt(4xxx81)= sqrt(2xx2xx3xx3xx3xx3) =2xx3xx3=8` <br> `sqrt(1225)=sqrt(5xx245)=sqrt(5xx5xx49)=sqrt(5xx5xx7xx7xx)=5xx7=35` <br> `therefore sqrt(324)/(1225)=(18)/(35)` <br> (b) `sqrt(361)/(81)=(sqrt(361))/(sqrt(81))=19/9` <br> (c )`sqrt(0.0256)=sqrt(256)/(1000)=(sqrt(256))/(sqrt(10000))=(16)/(100)=0.16` <br> `therefore sqrt(0.0256)=0.16` <br> (d) `sqrt(52.2729)=sqrt(522729)/(10000)=(sqrt(522729))/(sqrt(10000))` <br> Now we fund the square root of 522729 by the division method <br> `sqrt(522729)=723` and `sqrt(10000)=100` <br> `therefore sqrt(52.2729)=sqrt(522729)/(10000)=sqrt(522729)/(10000)=(723)/(100)=7.23` <br> <img src="https://d10lpgp6xz60nq.cloudfront.net/physics_images/PS_MATH_VIII_C02_S01_008_S01.png" width="80%">

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