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A signal which can be green or red with probability 4/5 and 1/5 respectively, is received by station A and then and 3 transmitted to station B. The probability of each station receiving the signal correctly is 3/4 If the signal received at station B is green, then the probability that the original signal was green is (a) 3/5 (b) 6/7 (d) 20/23 (d) 9/20

Question from  Class 12  Chapter Jee Mains

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Solution :
acc to the question <br> `P = (4/5*3/4*3/4 + 4/5*1/4*1/4) + (1/5*3/4*1/4 + 1/5*1/4*3/4)` <br> `P = 46/80 = 23/40` <br> `P [or G] = 40/80 = 20/40` <br> `P= (20/40)/(23/40)= 20/23` <br>

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