An isosceles triangle has perimeter 30 cm and each of the equal sides is 12 cm. Find the area of the triangle.

Question from  Class 9  Chapter Herons Formula

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Solution :
Here, Perimeter of the isosceles triangle `P = 30cm`<br> So, Semi-perimeter of the triangle, `s = 30/2 = 15cm`<br> Two sides of the triangle are `12cm`. So, `a=b = 12cm`<br> Third side, `c = P-a-b = 30-12-12 = 6cm`<br> Now, Area of the triangle, `A = sqrt(s(s-a)(s-b)(s-c))`(Herons formula)<br> `A = sqrt(15(3)(3)(9)) = 9sqrt15cm^2`

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