An open tank with a square base and vertical sides is to be constructed form a metal sheet so as to hold a given quantity of water. Show that the cost of material will be least when depth of tank is half its width. If the cost is to be borne by nearby settled lower income families, for whom water will be provided, what kind of value is hidden in the question

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Solution :
the tank is to made of square base so it's length and breadth will be same, say x and height will be y<br> volume= v =lbh<br> v= xxy<br> v=`x^2y`=consatant<br> y=`v/x^2` -(1)<br> total surface arear<br> s=xx+4xy<br> s=`x^2`=4xy<br> from eq. (1)<br> s=`x^2 +(4xv)/x^2`<br> s=`x^2 +(4v)/x`<br> diff. both side with respect to x<br> `(ds)/(dx)=2x+4v(-1/x^2)`<br> putting it 0<br> 0=2x-`(4v)/x^2`<br> 2x=`(4v)/x^2`<br> `2x^3=4v`<br> we know `v=x^2y`<br> x=2y<br> to find if this is least value differentiate again<br> `(d^2s)/(dx^2)=2+(8v)/x^3`<br> =`2+(8x^2y)/x^3` from eq-(1)<br> =2+(8y)/x<br> putting x=2y (as given in question)<br> =2+4<br> =6>0<br> 6 is greater then 0 so, the value is minimum for a fixed unit of volume of water the surface area of tank is minimum. so, the cost is minimum. so that lower income families can easily afford the tank.

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