By using principle of mathematical induction, prove that 2+4+6+….2n=n(n+1), n in N

Question from  Class 12  Chapter Principle Of Mathematical

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Solution :
Let P(n): 2+4+6+…..+2n=n(n+1) <br> When n=1 L.H.S. =2 <br> and R.H.S. 1(1+1)=`1xx2=2` <br> `therefore ` LHS=RHS, Hence P(1) is true. (a) <br> Let P(k) be true. <br> `Rightarrow 2+4+6+….+2k=k(k+1)` …..(i) <br> To prove P(k+1) is true i.e. <br> 2+4+6+….2(k+1)=(k+1)(k+2) ...(ii) <br> Adding 2(k+1) to both sides of (i), we get <br> 2+4+6+....2k+2(k+1)=k(k+1)+2(k+1) <br> =(k+1) (k+2) <br> Hence P(k+1) is true, whenever P(k) is true <br> From (a) and (b) by the principle of mathematical induction it follows that P(n) is true for all natural number n.

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