COMPLEX NUMBERS | QUESTIONS, DE MOIVRES THEOREM, CUBE ROOTS OF UNITY, NTH ROOTS OF UNITY, THE NTH ROOT OF UNITY | Find Principal Argument of the complex no. sin((6pi)/5)+i(1+cos((6pi)/5)), Find the Area bounded by |argz|lepi/4 and |z-1|lt|z-3|., State De Moivres Theorem and prove it (DeMoivres, DeMoivres Theorem), Find the value of Sin n theta and cos n theta as a sum of binomial Expansion, Value and physical representation of Cube roots of Unity, The sum and product of cube roots of unity is 0 and 1., If 1,omega,omega^2 are cube root of unity and n is a positive integer, then 1+omega^n+omega^(2n) = (3, when n is a multiple of 3), (0, when n is not a multiple of 3), :Introduction of nth roots of unity, sum and product of nth roots of unity and their geometrical representation

Question from  Class 11  Chapter Complex Numbers

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