Consider a hyperbola xy = 4 and a line y = 2x = 4. O is the centre of hyperbola. Tangent at any point P of hyperbola intersect the coordinate axes at A and B. <br> Shortest distance between the line and hyperbola is

Question from  Class 12  Chapter Hyperbola

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Let `(2t,2//t)` be a point on the hyperbola. Equation of the tangent at this point `x + yt^(2) = 4t`. <br> `:. A = (4t,0),B = (0,4//t)` <br> Locus of circumcentre of triangle is `xy = 16` <br> Its eccentricity is `sqrt(2)` <br> Shortest distance exist along the common normal. <br> `:. t^(2) = 1//2` or `t = 1//sqrt(2)` <br> `:.` Foot of the perpendicular is `C (sqrt(2),2sqrt(2))` <br> `:.` Shortest distance is distance of C from the given line which is `(4(sqrt(2)-1))/(sqrt(5))` <br> Given line intersect the x-axis at `R(2,0)` Any point on this line at distance 'r' from R is `(2+r cos theta, r sin theta)` If this point lies on hyperbola, then we have `(2+r cos theta) (r sin theta) =4` <br> Product of roots of above quadratie in 'r' is `r_(1)r_(2) = 8//|sin 2 theta|`, which has minimum value 8 <br> `:.` Minimum value of `RS xx RT` is 8

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