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COORDINATE GEOMETRY | LOCUS AND EQUATION OF A LOCUS, POLAR COORDINATES, SHIFTING OF ORIGIN, ROTATION OF AXIS | What is locus and equation of the locus of point ?, Condition when variable is not involved (i)The sum of the square of the distances of a moving point from two fixed point (a;0) and (-a;0) is equal to the constant quantity 2c^2. Find the equation to its locus ?, Condition when variable is involved :(ii) Find the locus of point of intersection of the lines xcosalpha+ysinalpha=a and xsinalpha-ycos alpha=b where b is the variable., What is polar coordinates ? Explain with the help of diagram., Conversion of coordinates in Polar conversion form:(i) Convert the following Cartesian coordinates to the corresponding polar coordinates using positive r and negative r . (i)(-1;1) (ii) (2;-3), Explanation of determining new coordinates of the point or new locus: At what point should the origin be shifted if the coordinates of a point (4;5) become (-3;9)?, What is the Formula Derivation to find new coordinates when axes are rotated?, Formula derivation by complex numbers, Why we need rotation for Removal of term xy from F(x, y) = ax^2 + 2 h xy + b y^2, How the equation is transformed when origin is changed and axes is rotated ?

Question from  Class 11  Chapter Coordinate Geometry

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